The 10:10 Energetic Gateway – A Place of Non-Action

"There are no more maps, no more creeds, no more philosophies. From here on in, the directions come straight from the Divine. The curriculum is being revealed millisecond by millisecond - invisibly, intuitively, spontaneously, lovingly."

- Akshara Noor

The energy of the 10:10 Stargate has brought us before an energetic doorway, a gateway, representing the culmination of all that has come before. This gateway signifies to us that our cycle is now complete and a new world order of expanded consciousness and awareness of Spirit is being offered. Entry through this gateway results in a new beginning of consciousness and completes our understanding of the unity we hold within ourselves and the unity with All That Is.

In June 2007 the completion of a sacred trinity of creative force and power was activated within each one of us ( We are at a stage in our evolutionary cycle where we have accessed, healed and integrated the different aspects of the self; the emotional (the Inner Child), the physical (the Inner Feminine energy) and the mental (the Inner Masculine energy), all of which form the frame work of the sacred trinity. This sacred trinity therefore holds the vital forces of our personal power and the essence of who we truly are. The purpose of the sacred trinity is to create a living bridge of light within that connects us to the Source of all Creation, the Great Spirit.

During the month of October we will be activating an energetic gateway within this framework that will allow us access to our Spirit and give us the opportunity to move into a time of new Spiritual awareness.

"And the day will come when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom"

We are being held in the sacred womb of all creation, the Great Mystery, the place from where all perfection and beauty arises. We are asked to retreat into this womb space and expand the divinity hidden within our heart. Stand in the stillness of non-action and be receptive to what is occurring within. Being still we allow the inner truth to be revealed and in this safe and sacred space our feelings intensify and our Souls open. We are accessing invaluable knowledge and wisdom from deep within ourselves. Now is not a time of struggle, it is a dance of new creativity and intuition, a dance that will allow us to be filled with the Divine creative energy that is flowing.

The diverse energies of Spirit are being focused into a powerful shaft of light communication with the Divine. Through this beam of light gifts are being sent from the Great Spirit to the Earth resulting in the manifestation of light upon our planet. As we open to this light we are feeding the new life that is growing within. There is an equal exchange of energies between the Universe and ourselves which is allowing for our prayers, our words, our intentions and our thanks to be carried directly to the heart of the Great Spirit, our Creator.

The energy of the Spirit world and the physical world are fusing and this intense fusion of energy is creating a deep movement within that will open the gateway through which we are to move. We are on the verge of a new and totally different direction and this gateway of new awareness shall offer us another view of the world, opening the wisdom and truth that lie within. It is here that we shall master our abilities and gifts, explore deeper aspects of our self and complete an important cycle in our evolutionary process. We are reminded of the importance of the process of evolution and the completion of each stage of growth and development. The growth is a necessary part of our journey, one that we must complete before we are able to experience our full potential.

As we stand in the stillness of non-action we are asked to give up the old and allow for a time to be empty, knowing that this is a very meaningful time in our lives and that we are always a part of the continually moving circle of life. In this stillness we are able to develop inner stability and to wait for the new to become illuminated in its proper time. Many new and wondrous experiences and lessons are coming to us as gifts from Spirit. We are encouraged to see what is being offered, to see the gifts before us, to break free of any limitations, to follow our own guidance and to open our hearts to receive. That which we have been praying for is about to be manifested.

Sense the old melting away and take this opportunity to choose the new patterns of creation being offered. Freeing ourselves from our past we shall be able to move forward into our new experiences with faith and trust in the Great Spirit, our Creator. We shall be guided into the light of this new doorway and the guidance we seek shall come to us from deep within ourselves.

We are to allow the lessons of our past to give us insight into which direction and path is right for us as individuals. By opening ourselves up to the changes that are coming and celebrating these changes as evidence that we have moved into a new level of existence, we usher in the illumination of our Souls. We are moving away from darkness and isolation and into unity and light. In this period of contemplation we are to reach into the depths of our personal knowledge and to weave our wisdom and truth into light.
A time of waiting and rest is offered. Find your own centre and trust that all is well. This is a time to pause, a phase where we are rebuilding strength for the next adventure of awareness in life. Do not pass through this gateway without first contemplating your path to this point. Recognize that you are now ready to contact the Divine within and to illuminate your path with love. Our entire life lies behind and before us, our past, our present and our future. Pause and review the past, the lessons, the joys, the sorrows, and the victories, all that it took to bring you to this point. Observe it all. Bless it all. Release it all. For it is in releasing the past that we are able to reclaim our power and to step through the gateway.



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