The Lunar Eclipse of August 2007

July has been a very powerful and transformational time for us all and this theme of transformation will continue throughout August and into September.

The energy of Fire has been brought through with the combined energies of the Lion’s Gate and the 8:8 Stargate, creating an opportunity for us to transform and transmute any lower energies, negative belief patterns, thoughts and feelings that we may still be holding. By allowing these negative energies to be transformed and transmuted within us, we are able to access more of our own light and allow for a quickening of our development. With these deep changes and transformations we open up to our infinite potential and begin moving into a time where we are able to be the true custodians of Divine Love and Wisdom on our planet.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 28th August 2007 is a time for us to take stock of where we are, where we have been and where we are going to. It is an opportunity for us to reconsider our past enabling us to integrate the present and thereby allowing us to be receptive to our future.

By clearing ourselves of our negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns were are recreating our energetic system, creating a new blueprint which outlines to the Universe what we wish to create. We are urged to be aware of what we are creating through our words, the ideas that we hold in our mind, the actions and choices that we make; all of which come from our beliefs and ideals. We are encouraged to uncover whether these ideals and beliefs are our own or ones that we have bought into from others. Remembering that what we hold most in our minds and therefore in our energy will manifest.

Our beliefs, thoughts, words and feelings create an energy around us through which we manifest our experiences. If we are holding onto outdated beliefs, thoughts and desires we create blocks within our energy field which results in the manifestation of experiences that do not serve our path of Soul development. When we struggle to manifest we are generally trying to create the things that we think will make us feel good. This thinking is no longer in alignment with our true feelings and our inner knowing and the result of this struggle is a feeling of being unfulfilled and unhappy. These feelings create further blocks in our energy which leads us to feelings of separation.

The energy of this time is coming in to aid us in clearing these blocks and enabling us to create pure energetic blueprints for our reality and clarifying for us what it is we truly want to manifest. This will make it easier for us all to manifest experiences that will serve us and the development of our Soul. When our energy is clear and pure we are able to use it to receive and manifest through the energy of the Great Mystery and we become true co-creators with the Great Spirit. Our path of love then unfolds before us and we can move forward in joy with the knowledge that our desires are in alignment with our higher purpose. In this way our manifestation becomes easier because we are putting our energy only into those things that are joyous and guided by Universal Laws. Our manifestations are therefore supported by the Universe and there is no struggle because we know that the Universe shall provide all that we require and our faith is strengthened and our feelings of separation are healed.

By clearing our past beliefs and thoughts we allow ourselves to be open to channeling the creations that the Universe is sending us and we align ourselves with sources of higher guidance. We learn to manifest only those things that are for the highest good of all concerned and we see each creation as light and an expression of joy.

We are approaching a doorway which will lead to higher realms of existence. As we move towards this doorway we are being prepared for new ways of thinking and living which will be revealed to us as we clear our past beliefs, thoughts and ideas and allow for more light to be integrated into our physical bodies. We have all experienced Spiritual revelations which have uncovered the Spiritual knowledge that we hold within. This knowledge takes us to new levels of growth and understanding and initiates us into ever higher levels of awareness.

We are being asked to sacrifice those thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are keeping us form moving forward. We can no longer claim ignorance when answering for our creations. We are being asked to take responsibility for all that we are experiencing and in doing so acknowledging that we all have our own power to create the lives that we are destined for. Now is the time to use the energy available in preparation for our roles as custodians of Divine Love and Wisdom.

We are being given a gift, the gift of self knowledge. The greatest path is the path of self knowledge and our lives here on Earth are an opportunity for us to explore and to learn about ourselves, our thoughts, beliefs, desires and ambitions. Because of the illusion of time, Earth is the only place where our Soul is able to experience this type of learning. In the non-physical realms there is no delay between thought and experience and as time speeds up on the Earth plane and we move into the higher dimensions, the lapse in time becomes less and less and therefore our thoughts, beliefs and ideas are instantly manifested.

By learning about ourselves and our own truth and integrity we follow a path that uncovers our virtues of selfless love and service to humanity, the virtues necessary to be the true custodians of Divine Love and Wisdom. Along this path we reach a stage of maturity in our development where our old habits of self deception no longer serve us or our world. With this maturity we purge ourselves of ego centered consciousness and we journey within to cultivate our abilities and intuitive thought processes. This leads us to our inner truth and the recognition that the nature of our path depends on the quality of our attitude.

This time of reflection brought about by the Lunar Eclipse gives us the chance to monitor and explore our thoughts, beliefs and desires before we begin manifesting them into our reality. Preparing us for further transformational experiences and pushing us to purity and clarity of thought.

Self knowledge is the key with which we can create a reality that is conscious. Without self knowledge we are reluctant contributors in an unconscious creation. The energy now will aid us in opening our inner eyes and allowing us to see and understand our inner world, form which our outer world emerges. With this knowledge we can move forward once again to create our world with the attributes of peace, love, joy and abundance sharing in the Divine Light and Love that is our true birthright.



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