Buddha was born around 565 B.C. in Lumbini in modern day Nepal. His name 'Siddhattha Gautama,' means 'descendant of Gotama whose aims are achieved/who is efficacious in achieving aims', he later became the Buddha (literally Enlightened One or Awakened One). He is also commonly known as 'Shakyamuni' or 'Sakyamuni' (lit. "The sage of the Shakya clan") and as the Tathagata (lit. "thus come" or "thus gone"). Gautama was a contemporary of Mahavira.

Few of the details of the Buddha's life can be independently verified, and it is difficult to determine what is history and what is myth.

According to most Buddhist traditions, Siddhattha Gautama, the future Buddha lived many lives before coming to our present world era. In his many existences during the long, long period of time and in the one hundred thousand worlds, the future Buddha had fulfilled the Ten Paramitas, and, in order to save this world, he was to be born in our era and to become a fully enlightened Buddha.

Gautama Buddha was the great Teacher of Wisdom and Realism. For many years He has been officiating at the old Wesak Festival in the East, where He channeled a dual stream of power and goodwill from the Planetary Logos and, more directed, from Sanat Kumara.

During the years 1936 – 43, at the annual Wesak fullmoons (in Taurus), an intense effort was put into making the world servers in East and West, more conscious about the transfer of power, and more co-operative in the distribution of Goodwill throughout the World. Since then, Wesak has become more known in the West, and is now becoming one of the annual festivals celebrated. But much has been changed since the old descriptions, and the transformation and the distribution of Goodwill and planetary energy, is now far more direct, and links up with extra planetary sources of reassuring Divine Love and Power.

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