The Star Elders

The Star Elders

The Star Elders, a group of Cosmic Star Walkers, have come to Earth over and over and over again. They came to observe the cycles of Earth and wanted to know why Earth seemed to be out of sync with the rest of the universe. If you ever felt totally alone, yet still felt there is something or someone else out there… this is why! We are just a bit out of sync with it so we can’t see it yet. They fell in love with the people of earth and decided to stay a while to teach what they knew. Everything was done in a sense of fun, ease and great humor.

The Star Elders have been coming here as early as pre-historic times. They have influenced eras we do not have memories of or historical account. They were here in the times of the Atlantis and Lumeria, the birth of Incan Worlds, at the birth of the Egyptian era, the Himalayas in Tibet and a belief system that Buddhism was built on. They spent time on the sacred mountains in North America where the I AM master teaching sprung up from. Anywhere a culture, religion or tradition seem to spring up from nowhere fully developed, the Star Elders were a part of that evolutionary jump. They planted seeds of cosmic truth in different times and locations, and lets things evolve naturally. This is why we can discover common threads between beliefs and traditions in most ancient cultures. The foundations for these cultures came from the same source - from the people from the Stars, the Bird Tribes, the Star Walkers… How these truths developed into seemingly different cultures was at the whim of the local people, but the foundation of truth has remained even today.

The Star Elder are very much like Ascended Masters we know of today. They work with the Great White Brother Hood (not based on the color of the skin or gender); Lord Meru and the Brotherhood of the 7 Rays; Archangel Michael and other Archangels; Jesus - Jesuha - Sananada - Christ; Mother Mary; Saint Francis; Buddha and a multitude of Hindu / Buddhist Masters, and the list goes on and on. Now this sounds a bit far fetched but on the other side these guys all know each other and work together toward a common goal to empower humanity into mastery and to guide us thought this shift of the ages that is upon us!

The last time the Star Elders were on Earth in physical form was about 800 years ago… in a area we now called Guatemala, in a site called Quirigua. They had finished measuring the new Earth land masses after huge changes in environment. These shifts happened over 10,400 years ago and still are the basis of our catastra-phobia of end time today. They had calculated the very complicated cycles of life on earth and how they related to the cosmos. The Star Elders knew the earth was about to enter a cosmic cocoon to be transformed from a worm into a butterfly. It was time for them to go. They could not be here for this process. We were on our own. They left and went back to the stars.

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