Everything is Partnership and Co-Creation

Today I am thinking about two topics that have been on my mind recently....Relationships and the Weather. These may seem like separate topics, but ultimately they are closely connected. Read on......

There have been several really good articles on the Internet about Relationships in the New Energy. This topic has always interested me, since I am working closely with the Twin Flame energy that is expressed through Relationship. There seems to be a general consensus "out there" that there is a fundamental and very deep shift going on in how we relate to each other in personal and intimate relationships. And then...there is the weather...intense, difficult, very hot or very cold, seeming as though Nature and the elelmentals are furious and there is a deep cleansing going on around the Planet.

So, first of all Relationships. Yes, they are certainly changing, and rapidly. We have reached a point where the old ideal of partnership, a "trading" of sex, money and power in the name of reproduction of the species just doesn't work for most of us anymore. We are searching for something that will connect us with a soulmate and be meaningful on the soul level. Those of us who are focussed on our spiritual purpose will seek for a higher expression of that relationship in a Twin Flame partnership.

Well, that seems to be the easy part. It is not that difficult for a soul with intention to attract another soul that is compatible. The problems seem to arise when that soul attraction has to be "grounded" into a partnership that expresses the energy on the material plane. The New Energy stresses "freedom" as an essential element of life in the New Energy. But, there seems to be real confusion as to what it means to be free.

Many people seem to think that the idea of having "no attachments" to the past or future and living in the Now means that there is no commitment to a partnership, but that you simply drift through life having relationships with whoever happens to be around at the time. This, however, is not "grounding" a soulmate relationship. The essence of Higher Love and the expression of Higher Love is Commitment within a Partnership. The ultimate mystery of Love is expressed in the Two who become One, as a reflection of the One that became Two in the first act of Creation or Self-Becoming. The ultimate expression of Love is a Commitment to the expression of Divine Love through the partner who is the mirror of that Love. It is a partnership that expresses the Divine in Material Form. Shiva and Shakti....Isis and Osiris.....Yeshua and Mary Magdalene......the Twin Flames who express the Divine Creative mystery of Sacred Union.....The Two who become One...This Sacred Experience is made more beautiful on the material level because the Two are still free and unique individuals who have chosen to make the commitment to serving the Light through the power that is generated when Two Beings unite their Soul and Physical energies to become One Divine Essence that is a Mirror of the Creative Source.

It sounds perfect, but how to express that in the 21st century world? That is the work that many Lightworkers are engaged in right now. How to be in a Partnership that is a commitment to the Unity and Oneness of Divine Love, but that still allows total and complete freedom to Be who they Are. This desire to express Love in the New way is the reason why so many are having difficulties in Relationships and Partnerhsips. The Old Way just isn't working any more, and the new way is still emerging as we try to find ways to express it that go beyond the crystallized and unequal relationship patterns of the past.

As far as I can see, the first essential is commitment to the Partnership and the Expression of Love within that partnership. Both partners need to be free and equal, and that means that one will not "hold the power" over the other. The second essential is choice, both partners should feel free to make whatever choices they feel necessary for their lives and to keep growing and expanding on the individual soul level. Also necessary are transparency and integrity and truthfulness. As we become more empathic in the Diamond Light, it becomes ever more difficult to hide parts of ourselves, and within these new partnerships there will also be a complete acceptance of the partner as they are and not as a projection of what we would like them to be to complete ourselves.

Of course, all these are an Expression of Unconditional Love in action, where there is Commitment to Divine Light and Love but also Acceptance of the other's Right to Be and Choose. When these principals are in place then all the old problems of attachment, possession and fear of intimacy will fall away. Each partner will feel able to express their heart energy and to develop intimacy and love on all levels of the partneship without fear of harm or hurt and knowing that there is an infinite supply of Love to be expressed and experienced. Essentially, it is an experience of sharing and creating and growing, rather the old pattern of ownership and expressing a predetermined role within a predetermined structure with predetermined rules of behavior.

So, that brings me to the weather. Extremes of weather around the Planet seem to be reflecting the fury of the Elemental energy in a process of cleansing and transformation. But, it seems like the Elementals are having a party, and Humans are not enjoying very much. I know I am tired of being fried by the heat of this summer weather. When we reconnected with the Elemental Kingdom in a Co-Creative partnership at the March Equinox last year, the purpose was Co-Creation, or Partnership. Somehow, we are having to learn how to work in partnership with the Elemental energies. There is a way to create a more peaceful and harmonious partnership. Through sharing and creating and growing, rather than ownership and old patterns of abuse and control of Nature and the Planet.

I believe that the Christ Consciousness or Fifth Dimensional Consciousness is the "level" at which we will be able to work in partnership with the Elemental energies. Everything is partnership in the Fifth Dimension, everything is energy and everything is connected. Yeshua was able to manifest Miracles through his ability to co-create with the Elemental energies, and Mary Magdalene lived very closely with Nature and Animals and was able to also perform miracles of Healing and Love through her partnership with the Elemental energy. In her case, the echoes of that partnership eith Nature were so strong that they are still found at places like Lourdes and Fatima.

When we are able to express the Christ Consciousness fully, we will be able to channel the energy of Unconditional Love into a positive and creative partneship with nature. This was the path that was shown also by the later Twin Flames, Francis and Clare of Assisi in Italy, who worked with Nature and Animals to show how Infinite Love was gentle and peaceful and supplied all needs at all times.

As we ascend into this new Consciousness, we will find ways to express our Divine Love through Partnerships with each other and with all living beings. We are in a period of Change and Transformation when we are still seeking to discover how the energy may be held and expressed in a way that best aligns with our inner Love and Joy and that gives us the greatest Delight in being here on the Earth in a physical and angelic form.

Indeed....Everything is Partnership......Everything is an Expression of Love....and Love is Infinite........


Angel Eyes 25th February 2010 10:02 am

Thank you Celia for the very beautiful message.
I am enjoying thoughts of how things are soon to be.
Your messages are always greatly appreciated.
Namaste my friend in the Light. :)

angelika 26th February 2010 9:46 am

Hi Celia,
thank you for another lovely article, keep them coming - I can do with reminders of better things to come.

As I understand it we also influence the weather, partly by our emotional state, ie turbulent emotions = turbulent weather conditions. Too much lower energies need to be cleansed away, this is happening through ice, snow, rain and wind, which is were the elementals come in.

We can also 'order/request' weather with our intent, ie for the sun to come out whilst out on a picknick - a friend did this a couple of times and it worked a treat!

Love & Hugs, Angelika


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