The Bridge: Crossing to a New Reality

The Importance of Grounding

It has been an intense and rather chaotic beginning to the year of 2014! The recent Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn and the run of powerful Solar Flares has meant that everyone has been feeling the power of the energies. Added to this is the coming "online" of the new energies of Nature that Archangel Michael has spoken about, the powerful elemental earth energies that are forging a new relationship between humanity and the environment. It is indeed a time of exciting and intense change.

Most of the questions that I get from people are about how to cope with these powerful energies. The answer is always awake and aware and know what is going on, and be fully grounded, which I guess is really the same thing!

So, briefly, let's look at why the energies have been feeling so intense. Firstly...the Sun. We are in a period that is called "Solar Maximum" when the Sun is continually releasing powerful Solar Flares towards the Earth. In Metaphysical terms, this is the release of Solar Light Codes or information that is absorbed into the Earth and into the Body and Light Body of all living beings.

If your Light Body is fully activated to the Solar Level, this information is absorbed into your Light Body and transmitted into your Physical Body via the Pituitary Gland and the Meridian system. When these Light Code waves are particularly strong, then it can cause turbulence in your own body system. This is because the Galactic Human System is designed to GROUND these energies or run them into the Earth Grids. The Galactic Human or New Human is a Bridge between the different levels and dimensions.

This only works well when the person is grounded and can allow the energy to flow through them and into the Earth where it is absorbed and used by the Earth. When you are not well grounded, then you get what is known as "Ascension Symptoms". The intense energy cannot be grounded and it simply circulates within your energy system, activating any and all patterns that you might be holding at that level.

Most common is that the energy feeds into the second and third chakras, the levels of the emotional and mental and you begin to create "old patterns". I hear many people saying "I thought I had cleared this but it came up again!". Well, yes you had cleared it but it was reactivated by the intense energy, not because it needed to be cleared again and again and again, but because this energy is intensely creative and absolutely needs to create. So if you are not creating anything new then it will simply create the old again and again.

So, it really is up to us to start new creations and begin to ground these new creations. The energy is here to support us, but we need to step into this New Reality and this new relationship with Nature. When you see old patterns coming up, why not simply say no and move on, don't give them energy, move on to something new and ground the energy in a new creation and not the same old same old. Again.

It simply is that with our history of 20th Century Psychology, we seem to imagine that we need to heal and process for ever. Actually, in the New Reality we need to accept that if we focus into the Present Moment....the NOW....then the past is not an issue. We don't need to recreate it again and we simpy say no if we see it coming. We do have choices. But we have to be awake and aware of what we are creating in order to make those choices.

In this way we can step into the Full Power of the New Galactic Human Template and enjoy the intense creative power of the Solar Light Codes as they are received on the Earth. But we do have to make sure that the energy is not "stuck" in the emotional and mental patterns of the past and is allowed to flow into new creations and new realities.

So, with all this happy "Sun Dancing" that we have been doing, we have also been doing a Moon Dance with the energies. The Full Moon in Cancer was particularly potent at this time of high Solar activity because it was in Cancer....a water moon. Water Moons activate the Flow of Emotions and Feelings, especially around the Home and Family.

So, in the last few days you may have felt an intense energy around these areas. It's creative energy and feeling energy. You may have felt weepy and ready to cry at anything! You may have felt intense loneliness or anger or any amount of feelings. Yes...celebrate that you are reconnecting with your feelings.

In the old reality we became so immersed in "mental" pop culture on TV and media that we were often unable to disntinguish what we were really feeling and what we were being urged to feel by mind control through media. Now, as we wake up, we start to own our own feelings, and these can be very intense at times. They are meant to be. It is only the numb controlled "feelings" that have no intensity. We are learning to be ok with intensity and not allowing it to become dysfunctional or aggressive. Rather, celebrate the power that flows through these feelings!

In the New Reality we need to be Strong and Grounded. We are Masters of Light and Solar Warriors. We have to make choices all the time and we are creating at every moment! The New Elemental energy of the "Spirit of the Forest" is seeking to work with us, to create and manifest on the Earth level, and to bring into form new creations that will carry the Imprint of Divine Creative Intelligence and the new Light Codes.

It is an exciting, powerful and challenging time on Planet Earth as we head into the New and knowing that we are Creating the New with every choice that we make!


Sheena 21st January 2014 8:35 am

Thanks Coach!!

laughlight 21st January 2014 1:21 pm

yesterday I posted a photo of a bridge on my page, an image I'd found a couple of weeks ago. Today I read you. Master Builder 22 I am, along with an 11...and I have before felt mySelf as a bridge. So I was intrigued by your Title. As always, a beautiful Read.
Thank you ~
brilliant you are...& in awe I remain.

Simeon 21st January 2014 1:54 pm

Thank you.
Excellent posting and exactly what I needed to read at this time!

keryndawer 21st January 2014 2:42 pm

Thank you Celia for this amazing message. The information you presented is so timely. I have been dealing with an intense internal heat problem for almost two years that has made me miserable...always feeling hot and sweating. Doctors of course want to write it off to hot flashes but it is not! I finally went to a acupuncturist who determined my meridians are blocked which is why my lower body remains cold while my upper body is sweltering. Suffice is to say I'm finally getting some relief...and I'm feeling much more hopeful about my life and future. You are so wise and wonderful. Thank you :) :) :)

With Love and Gratitude~~Keryn xoxo

P.S. Love your website too...overflowing with pertinent information!!!

Edith456 21st January 2014 10:40 pm

Wish I could discern what is "truth" regarding "ascension symptoms". I have heard that one should not ground but have the light flowing and the earth will absorb what it needs as it needs.

I have read that rewiring causes the symptoms and it all depends on what inner work you are doing i.e. transmuting the old junk and the old world negative agenda...

Or one needs a white light platinum shield

Or one is not there yet if one has not felt ascension symptoms, or it's the sun, or the moon, or this or that : )


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