The Indigo Revolutions and Integrating the Ancient Wisdoms into the Collective Consciousness

February is a short month, with only 28 days, but somehow it seemed to pass even more quickly than usual with the intense energies being activated all around us now. The events in the Middle East and North Africa holding our attention as one country after another begins to feel the energy and the voice of the people as they demand change and democratic governance.

At the same time, we have been in a period of intense and major Solar Flares, which have had the effect of creating electromagnetic storms and flux. This has the effect of activating the Light Body, and is felt by sensitive people often in a physical way. We are certainly entering a period of great change and instability, but one that we have been expecting as we move towards that Moment of Evolution and Shift on our Planet.

I remember that last year Michael said that the Indigo children would be a major factor in the Creation and Leadership of the New Earth. The Indigos are primarily Spiritual Warriors and their purpose as a Soul Group is to break down and challenge old patterns of authority, control and limitation. It is no accident that the recent sweeping revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa have been led by people in the 18 to 30 age group. This is the second wave of Indigos, whose purpose was Empowerment. They are now being activated into their role as bringers of Empowerment, for themselves, but also for their people.

The Indigos are advanced souls, and they are "coded" to know that personal empowerment goes along with group empowerment. They are standing up now and letting the world know that this is the time that they were born for, and that change is here. I have believed for a long time that the Middle East is the key to Global Peace. So much of the conflict and manipulation of the present and the past is focussed in this region, the region of the major stargates that were used in the past, the Sumerian gate in Iraq, the Persian/Assyrian gate in Iran and the Sirian gate in Egypt. It only remains for major change to come to Iran, and the balance of power will shift entirely in this region, and the hold that these stargates still have through the power of the holographic inserts of "religion" will be broken, in favor of the voice of the people.

I think the population in Iran is about 70 percent in the under 30 age group, so it will probably nor be long before the Indigo energy rises there too and the needed changes are made.

And, because the Sun is very active, with major Solar Flares, the energy of Evolution and Change is intensified. We do not know what will happen in this deep period of shift and change in the next 18 months, or even what will happen in the Middle East. I feel that because the revolutions and changes are driven by Indigo energy, it seems unlikely that any form of religious fundamentalism will be able to take hold in the post revolutionary period. It really is a time when the voice of the people will be heard.

The intense Solar energy of Solar Cycle 24 is also causing extreme weather patterns and so called natural disasters. This is also something that we have been warned about in the past. However, please do not fall into fear. I hear dire prophecies about major cities being destroyed and people hoarding food and selling their properties so they can run to somewhere safe. Please know that the whole purpose of this program of Spiritual Change that we have called Ascension, is that there will be enough awakened and enlightened beings on the Planet to ensure that the Shift happens with grace and ease. If you are reading this, then you are probably one of these awakened beings, and it is your purpose to be a center of Calm and Peace in the whirlwinds of change, and not to contribute to the fears and anxieties that many feel.

Remember too, that as the old 3D timelines crumble, it will seem to people that everything is moving too fast and people will start to become stressed. It is our work to assist people to "cross over" to the new timeline of the Higher Dimensions where they can feel peaceful, at peace and empowered to shape their lives in ways that will bring them contentment and joy.

As we prepare for the major shift in Consciousness, we are, as a Collective, also in the process of integrating the Ancient Wisdom. As religious dogma loses its hold on the Collective Psyche, we will be able to reconnect with the Wisdom of the Ancients, who held the keys to living with the Earth in sustainable ways. This is already happening, as many people seek forms of living and spirituality that will align them with the Earth and all her creatures. The Indigenous peoples of the Earth are the Wisdom Keepers of this Knowledge, and in this next 18 month period this Wisdom will be reawakened and integrated into the Collective. The ones who will carry out this task are called the Key Holders, or the Keepers of the Golden Keys. These are Advanced Souls who have had past lifetimes as Indigenous Wisdom Keepers, and their work now is to remember who they are and to step forward to use their "keys" to reactivate Sacred Sites and integrate the Wisdom of the Ancestors.

This integration is important, as important as any healing work that we might do. The Earth needs to integrate All of her "Self"in order to move on, just as we do in our own personal processes. And just as we need to practice the arts of forgiveness, releasing and unconditional love and compassion as individuals, so too will we need to journey through these emotions as we integrate the lost Wisdom of the Indigenous peoples back into our Collective Interconnected Being of Light.

Yes there is much to do and experience as we journey through the flow of time and life in this year that lies ahead. It is the most wonderful adventure of Light and can only be enjoyed if we keep a positive and trusting view of life. Know that we asked to be here, and that we were born for this time. It is happening now, and each one of us is contributing his or her Light and Love exactly as it is meant to be. We all have our Passion and Purpose, we all have our Wisdom, Experience and Knowledge, and we are all Needed and Appreciated as we offer what we are!

And, when we get the hang of surfing these Cosmic Waves of Light, we will find that the rewards are a Deep Joy and an Abundance that is Magical! The Cosmic Waves are the Flow of Diamond Light, the River of Abundant Life that flows from the Cosmic Heart, that is being reconnected and realigned as we navigate into our New Reality!


missvindigo 6th March 2011 10:39 pm

what a wonderful message! I knew they were Indigos, I suspected it! Thank you for sharing this great message! :smitten:


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