Deep and Profound Change for our Planet on many levels

Yesterday, the 20th of January, was a big day for the people of the United States. Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States ( and I will resist the temptation to wax lyrical about the numerology of that one), the first African American President. I think it was a celebration that belonged entirely to the people of the USA, giving them an opportunity to really welcome and experience the first real stirrings of the deep and profound change that is taking place on the planet right now.

Those of us who are sensitive, are feeling these deep changes within our bodies and our psyches. And, at this time, the change we are experiencing is beyond the grasp of the rational mind. No one can quite "explain" what is happening right now, none of the usual paradigms of explanation seem to fit, and I have seen some really crazy and off the wall stuff out there recently. All I can say to people is don't get caught up in it, don't panic, don't get hysterical and ungrounded. Stay in your center and allow the changes to unfold in unconditional love. They are profound and deep and will take us through into another level of experience on our Planet in a loving and gentle way.


So, back to Barack Obama! Since this is a quintessentially American moment, I thought I would share some of the feelings and emotions of our American family of light. Here is something from Tim in California: "... It's interesting to feel the energies. There have been a lot of old energy remnants holding on. A lot of economy fear, especially here in California where the economy is the worst. But as it gets closer the expectation is growing. It feels like a space shuttle launch in a lot of ways. All this pressure getting closer and closer....... It feels like we're moving into the unknown and that is very frightening but soooo exciting! ...... On an energy level I've been having massive 2nd chakra overhauls. I'm not sure if it's collective or if it's something more personal but it's been kicking my ass... in a good way. I've been pretty sickish for the past week or two with remnants of the intense throat chakra energy that rolled through in december. I feel like I'm finally becoming human. It feels good. So yeah happy inauguration. The US will now be connected to Africa through Obama's genetic lineage. We'll have a new face to present to the world, a BLACK! face. It's a new era for us. And hopefully we can begin to put together some of the things we've worked so hard to pull apart the last so many years."

I liked Tim's perception of the deep nature of the change, and his linking of these changes with deep cleansing in the area of the base and sacral chakra. Many people have also reported these kinds of clearing symptoms, and it seems that we, as a collective, are taking back our power to determine our future and to feel our own deep and genuine feelings, and not those that are "fed" to us by a system of media and belief. As Tim says, he feels as though he is "finally becoming human", and indeed this is part of what the big shift is about. For humans to free themselves from control and to feel what they need to feel. In order to do this, of course, we need to be fully grounded and in our bodies, able to be in command of our creative abiity and our ability to manifest from the higher chakras and through the lower into material experience.

A similar energy was expressed by Deb, who I think lives in Michigan, this is her heartfelt letter: "I started crying at 5:30 a.m.... hundreds of thousands of people were huddled in the cold on the Mall in D.C. waiting for the dawn of this new day. And as the sun arose over the Capitol, the sun glistened on what looked like a million happy could almost see the angels in the crisp air.......... The spirits of all of those that passed before us is so strong today that I can barely breathe. I see Hattie (an older Black woman who was so important in my youth) in my mind's eye dressed in her finest clothes, a young, excited woman...I feel the joy of all of those who were hanged, drug behind cars, beaten, denied access to schools, who marched despite their fear, who led a peaceful revolution only to be assassinated... all with us now...all exhilarated. The angels are here in our country today celebrate our choice of love over celebrate our second American Revolution, the ones the history books will describe as the time in our history when we decided to finally be who we are....... I have been waiting for this my entire life."

In her letter, Deb feels the energy of the African American population as their moment comes...the first "black face" to quote Tim, to represent the American people. But for me, what I find significant about Obama's heritage is that although he is "African American", he is not from the lineage of the slaves with their genetic history of oppression and disempowerment. Obama's mother was a white American and his father a black Kenyan from Africa who returned to Africa, so he is in effect a first generation African American with very strong and recent ties to Africa. In fact, he has family in Kenya who are close to him. For me, this is significant, as I see that the history of America and Africa, woven together through the suffering of slavery and oppression, has an opportunity to begin another story and another dream. I don't doubt that many of the distortions in the "American dream" relate to race and slavery in the past, and that this is the moment when a great healing is taking place. And I feel that this healing will embrace Africa as well as the United States. And the healing will be mutual.

Here is a letter from Linda in New York City, about her celebration with the whales at the time of Obama's inauguration. There is no doubt that the celebration in the American psyche is finding a similar celebration in the global collective on many levels:" Last night I had the most amazing dream about whales. ....... When I awoke this morning, Jan. 20th, inaugaration day for Mr. Obama, I remember the profound excitement I felt in seeing the large whales in the waters of the place of my dreams, where whales were never seen. I ran up to them repeatedly, and one time, the mother and baby swam up onto the shore and I ran up and touched her nose. I awoke at that point. Tonight I just happened to check out your website for the first time in several months and read your channeling from the whales, about how they need our love and attention now.........

Well, I certainly hope that Linda's dream was an evidence that the whales have been feeling our concern for their welfare at this time.

And , just as an aside, the person who sent me the image that I posted here, asked me to look at what Michelle Obama is wearing. Not only is it Gold, but the design made out in beads also includes the eight pointed flower of the "Sacred Rose" geometry.

So, from all of us here at Starchild, we wish the American people well on their exciting new adventure of restructuring their society in such a way that it reflects the totality of who they are.


Christine 22nd January 2009 9:48 am

According to the following genealogy, Obama is apparently not the first President of African ancestry. However, as you mentioned Celia, he does not carry the energy of slavery.

Darlene 22nd January 2009 4:14 pm

I look forward to the time when The United States of America returns to the great status as a world leader amongst all world leaders and that this election will be viewed in a larger scope. Black/White is the best and the least important aspect of this election. Obama understands the concept of a global community and the American people are and always have been a "melting pot" of ethnic backgrounds. It is a "Deep and Profound Change for our Planet..." thank-you for your post, Celia.


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