Diving into the Depths - Cancer New Moon and the Incoming Energies

Well, this has been a really deep time. When Archangel Michael mentioned that the Cancer New Moon energy would give us the opportunity to really move into the depths of our being and confront the basis of all our illusions, I had no idea how deep this process would be!

I have found in the last week that I have been processing emotions at an accelerated rate, and that this has been echoed in the dreams that I have been having. I have no doubt that we are about to make a giant leap in consciousness with the incoming energies in late July and early August, and this deep processing is a way of allowing us to prepare ourselves to embrace the incoming light to the maximum.

In a half joking conversation with a friend, I likened it to in incoming Tsunami, you know the period just before a Tsunami hits, when the tide goes out real low and everything is exposed…..and then the Tsunami hits. Well, I am expecting a wave of Golden Light to envelop the planet in the next few weeks, and as we prepare for this next huge step in our evolution, we are being taken right down to our own personal “bedrock” to see the foundation illusions on which we have built our old lives and beliefs.

I must say that I have found this to be a very healing process, and one that I have entered into in a gentle way. Because it is winter here and we are experiencing days of rain, I have been in bed sleeping a lot, and so I have been able to move through this deep dive into self in a gentle ways filled with dreams and messages from my Higher Self that are making their way into my consciousness with great ease.

As always, it is not always easy to give up the old patterns and old ideas of self that are being shown up now. We are absolutely being moved into Personal Power and Freedom now, and we can no longer choose to play victim roles, whether in our personal lives or as social groups.

This was an interesting correlation for me, for as I was dealing with the origins of “victim” energy in my own family history, I was also having a long conversation with someone about the so-called “dark forces” that are said to control our society, and I came to realize that this kind of “disempowering victim consciousness” is part of the old energy that we must break through. We are not powerless victims of our past or of any forces beyond out control. We are immensely powerful and creative beings, and if we could just believe this we could move with this new incoming wave of Golden Light and just transform our planet and create the world we want. But first, we have to stop being victims of our past, and allowing our past to control who and what we are today.

We have the choice now, we have the freedom now, to create a new and different reality. The Earth is delivering us a Tsunami of Golden Power, it is up to us to focus that energy into the changes that we want to see on our Earth.

So, in this preliminary process of “diving deep” into the self, allow the old to rise to the surface and be released. Now, you can confront your angers and your fears, and see them for the illusions that they are. I found, in my own self, that I was holding on to some very old angers that just kept coming up in situations that really had no relation to anything other than that I felt like a victim. And it was up to me to change that energy. The old pattern that was running in my family was not to express feelings, and of course, if you do not say what you feel then no one knows what you feel and they will continue to act and behave in ways that you find difficult. So, being willing to express feelings was an important shift for me. I had to “clear” this old pattern by being very straight with some people and in other cases I was a bit too forceful, but the shift was empowering. It left me feeling confident that I could be here on Earth without setting myself into any “victim” patterns.

I think the same thing applies to our Global reality. If we can just learn how to express what we feel and think in clear ways, then we will not allow ourselves to become victims of “forces” that operate against our wishes. Further, if we can take our creative power and focus our intention on the creation of Peace and Abundance, we will not even need to engage with the old forces which are in the process of dissolution anyway. Focus on the Now and what will be, and do not allow the past to be the prison of fear that locks you in!

In this time too, as people are awakening and moving out of the old reality and into the new reality, many of us are looking at our lives and our work and wondering, am I doing the right thing? Am I doing enough? Is this my path and my mission, or what is my path and my mission?

Many people ask this, and Archangel Michael always says that at this time, as we move into the New Earth reality, the only “mission” that we have is to follow our hearts and our passions. It is passion that will move us forward now, and not any predetermined path. For, there are no predetermined paths. In the Fifth Dimension you are awakened and sufficiently conscious to work with your I AM and to follow the guidance of your I AM as expressed through the passions of your soul. And, if you are feeling no passion, then maybe it is time to be with yourself and go within and decide what it is that would make you passionate at this time. Many of us have changed a great deal in the last years, and what made us passionate before might not be the same as what moves us forward now.

In the past, it was easy to be a Lightworker, there was a clearly defined path and you became a healer and a teacher. But that path was the path of the First Wave. The subsequent waves of ascended Lightworkers were not all meant to follow that path, for the work now is to manifest a new society and to bring change on the material level. And so, many are now passionate about the Earth, about sustainable ways of life, about plants and animals and the environment, and much of the new Golden energy is being focused into creating the new Paradise Earth. Many of us will find that our passions will lead us in this direction in the time that comes.

My dreams have been telling me that it is time for the new, and for new experiences and new spaces. I dreamt last night that I was in a large building and I was looking for my “office”. I went into the room where I though it was, to find that the room was turned into a classroom, and it was filled with angelic young people in pink and lavender t-shirts having a class. They looked lovely, but as I came in all they all shouted out “wrong door” and so I retreated. Obviously, things had shifted. After being a “teacher” of some kind for most of my life, this was now the “wrong door”. So, I then went across the passage to find my office and I went in, and it was my office because my assistant was inside waiting for me. But…it was this huge empty room, with nothing in it, and I said, it must be a mistake, it is too big. My assistant laughed and said, no this is your office, and I looked at the other end of the room and I said, what must we do in here, play tennis, its big enough, and we both started to laugh. I saw my desk kind of dumped in a corner looking very small, and my last thought in that dream was maybe I should put in a sofa and some chairs and then people can talk to each other in here.

So, I think my dream was telling me to move beyond the smaller confines of the past and see the big spaces and the freedom to play and create…to do anything that you want in this new space. It is surely a new and different space and what we were in the past may no longer be what we are about now. We need to have the courage and the playfulness to see what we will do in our new space!


Debbie 9th July 2008 8:29 pm

Such beautiful wisdom. Yes each of us must make peace with the emotional parts of ourselves. Honor them, accept them, forgive them and be at peace.

Sending you showers of love,

Debbie Milam

Edytka 29th July 2008 9:55 pm

Dear Celia,

I have been going through very similarly deep process myself. Starting the night before my birthday on June 28th I have had an extremely intense dream phase which continued through the new moon. On the new moon July 3rd (US) I just poured my goals and dreams on the paper. I leaped, somethings have come to the end and new life has began.
Please let me know what are you talking about the end of July and beginnig of August.


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