Earthlog: February 17th - The Quiet Storm

After all the turbulence and shift of the last two months, February may seem like a quiet month. There is no great solar activity right now, and the cosmic weather seems clear. But there is no doubt that we are still feeling the after effects or the after "shock" of the great transition that we have been through.

Add to that the effects of Mercury Retrograde...everything seems jammed and stuck or falling apart! Actually, what is happening at high speed, is that all sorts of "jammed" issues are coming up to be rapidly resolved. That is why I call it the "quiet storm".

I am finding that these issues are happening so fast that my head spins and I can't keep up. Its like...whooosh...ok, thats gone. Next!

It can be both frightening and confusing, the speed with which things happen at this time. Its almost like we have no control over what happens, and in effect this is true. The Higher Self is in charge, Spirit is in charge, and in this "window" of opportunity provided by the wave of cosmic energy that poured through recently, many very necessary shifts are being made.

Our work is to accept these shifts and changes, and not to try and resist them and their impact on our lives. They are helping us to find balance, no matter how hard and difficult they might seem. This is especially true of emotional and relationship issues. We are having to speak our truth and walk our talk and then take the consequences!

This is how it should be! This is the path of the Spiritual Warrior. Our work is Courage, Trust and Acceptance. Holding our Center and accepting that All is Well and that all will unfold for the highest good.

So, we can support each other through these changes, and let them happen without judgment. Most importantly, don't judge yourself. Remember, Love and Compasssion start with you and then extend to others!

So, on the positive side, here are some images from my garden. I have noticed in the last six months a kind of regeneration in my garden, as though the fairies have "come back" and of course, they have. My next channel will talk about how we carry the fairy energy within ourselves and how it is activating right now.

So, the first image is of a frequent "visitor" to my garden space, an Ibis. He is fairly friendly, and doesn't mind sharing space with me as he hunts for food. I love him because he is the symbol for the Egyptian Messenger God, Thoth, who is the equivalent of Archangel Michael in the Egyptian theology. So, he is a very special visitor for me, and he usually appears at special times in my life.



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