Earthlog: Happy Birthday to me...and more on Communities..and some Animal Birthday Fun!

The 8th of December is a day that is sacred to Mary in many Latin countries. It is also held sacred in West African tradition in connection with the Goddess and the planet Venus, and is the birthday of the Japanese sun goddess, Amaterasu. So it seems like a good day to have a birthday! Also, on this day both the Sun and the Moon are in Sagittarius, with the ruling planet Jupiter right on the Galactic Center with Pluto. I did wonder at the beginning of the year how I would feel on this birthday, but so far its been quiet but really great. For most of us Sagittarians, with Jupiter transitting through our natal house, it has been a year of expansion. I feel like I expanded and expanded...and so I am quite happy to be quietly at home for my birthday.

Wilma and the kids at the Project helped me to celebrate my birthday yesterday. Wilma made a cake and they all sang "Happy Birthday" to me, and then the cake was enthusiastically eaten, leaving one piece for me to take home!

The image was taken indoors, so it is a bit blurred. It is a very "South African" picture, as the "Castle Lager" box that is holding the cake is from a local brewery that is very well known here! Any ex-pats will immediately recognize. It was a very simple celebration, and I enjoyed the simplicity and the genuine love that went with it:





So, to the topic of Community - I received a good response from many of you for the piece I wrote about communities, and so I thought I would just add some more, to say what I feel and think about the idea of what a community might mean in the New Earth, and what I have experienced myself.

Archangel Michael has talked to me about "Communities of Light", but without ever saying what exactly they were. As usual with guidance from Spirit, they give us the broad outlines, and we have to fill in the details. That is what we are here for, to co-create with Spirit as we evolve. So, I don't think anyone has the definitive solution as to what a New Earth community will be like. I suspect there are many different models that are all being tried out now, and that we will evolve towards the best solution for us, and there well may be more than one, there may be many models that "work".

One thing I feel pretty sure about, is that these models will include city living and how to make cities into places where New Earth citizens can feel comfortable and happy. What I am also pretty sure about is that these communties will be diverse and that they will be sustainable and ecologically balanced!

Diversity means that all sorts of people will co-exist together, that is the essence of the Fifth Dimension. The idea of a community based on one religion or spiritual perspective is not really viable. It is part of our past. In my own country, the white population is largely derived from groups of people who were seeking religious space, and the USA was based on the same energy. It is an energy that has been proven to create separatism and produced social experiments as diverse as "witch burning" and "apartheid", all based on the fears of a particular group around the security of its religious faith and practices. On an Earth where all faiths and paths are equally respected, there will be no need for this kind of fear, and for separatist communities. We will all share our Light with all people.

So...the future community will integrate rather than separate! Diverse people who can respect each other's views and beliefs will live together and work together for a common future. And these communities will become Communities of Light when enough awakened individuals begin to take leadership roles within these communties, wherever they are, whether in big cities or in small rural villages. The underlying principles will be the same, for we are all connected.

So, let me tell you a little about my own experience with community. Around 2001, when life in South Africa got really tough in many ways, many of my friends started talking about setting up "intentional communities" where we could live our dreams. A home in a natural setting that was built on ecological principles and used natural sources of power. It sounded wonderful. It was very very expensive. You had to have the money to buy the land, before you even though about building. I remember looking at one such project, that required an initial investment of a Million, and that was before you built your house. It was a rich person's game, and that meant that I wasn't playing that one! Not many people were, it faded.

Option number two was a migration to small towns and "dorpies" in the country, where you could buy a house relatively cheaply and still commute to cities that were a few hours away. Well, that was intially an option, and I tried it for a while, but Spirit told me to go back to the city where I was needed. It has also now become and expensive option, as property prices climb, as more people seek this way of living, so that once more it is something for the rich.

So, the question is, since the majority of people on the planet are not rich and are living in cities...what could be a solution. I am working here on the belief that there is not going to be any huge disasters to "solve" the problem, and that we will have to solve it ourselves in some way.

So, here is what I have been working with in my Starchild Children's Project here in Cape Town. Our project is located in a lower income township called "Sun City", which is a mixture of squatter camp and low income government housing projects. It is not inner city living, but we are part of the greater City of Cape Town. In this community which is very poor, people survive because they have a sense of community. They care for each other and leaders emerge who take the intiative in starting projects to assist the community to develop and grow. This is done outside of any government support, it is purely community based. In South Africa, there is a strong tradition of "community" and "community structures" in the lower income groups, it is their survival mechanism.

In such a community you are supported whether you have been there 10 days or 10 years. You can be sure that someone will help you if you are in need. Of course, everyone knows everyone else and their business, that is the essence of community life. When I go there, they all know who I am and why I am there. They wave, they greet me, they know me. It helps me to feel safe with them. This is South Africa, and we have a high crime rate, but within a community you can be relatively sure that you will be protected.

The project that I run with Wilma is to support the children of the area. With the money we raise, we run three support groups of 15 children each and a vegetable garden. Each group is headed by a woman in the community who is the "group mother". She undertakes to act as a mentor for her group, and she provides one full meal a week for each child. She is also available for the child should there be no food in the child's own home. In this way, we provide "food security" for the children of the area if their own parents cannot do this.

The vegetable garden provides food for our programs, but we also share our produce with the community. When we have a good crop, then there is lots to share. This last month we have had a bumper crop of beetroot and spinach, which we have shared. The children are involved in maintaining the garden and ensuring that it is watered, but they also learn to share by giving the vegetables away to those who need. We teach them about plants and gardening and food, and we help to instill community values. And all this is done within the structure of a modern city. We are bringing "light" in the form of support and education, in the hope of creating a strong community for the future, and a better future for these children, who are learning to care for each other and to work with the Earth.

So, here are some images that I took of the Community Project Work that we do here at Starchild Global with this Community:



This is Wilma with some of the children of her group. They are proudly showing off their vegetable crop!


Here one of the children shares the vegetables with a local woman


And so, everyone is happy!


And now, for some birthday fun for you, this video link was sent to me by Karin Schneider of Austria. It comes from a Jeep advert, so those of you in the USA will probably know this. The rest of us...well I thought it was such fun.....As Karin says....this is the way it will be in the New Earth.....Have Fun out There...



Mariù 8th December 2007 4:38 am

Happy Birthday Celia!!! Thank you for all you do!! :smitten: :thumbsup:

Melanie Hubbard 8th December 2007 8:09 pm

I am so glad you are enjoying your birthday Celia. Thank you for all that you do and for your warm and wonderful writings. Love Melanie, Perth, Western Australia


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