Earthlog: It's a little bit Crazy out there

So many people have written in to share their experiences recently, and it truly is a crazy and difficult time. My feeling is that we are at such a Crucial Point in our Evolution. We are at a point where the Old and the New are existing simaltaneously, not just in our Collective but in us as individuals. And it is this "clash" between Old and New that is making us all a little Crazy.

Well, to add to all the intense energies over the last few weeks, the Sun suddenly sprang to life and produced three Sunspots and an M Class Solar Flare on the 25th. Here is an image from


Now, in the past the Sun has always been the transmitter of Light Codes from the Cosmos and the Galactic Center. So, with the Supernova and the death of the Star, I was not surprised that the sun had resumed its role of transmitting Light Codes to the Planet, even though those of us who have activated our Grail Codes were now receiving this information directly through the Galactic and Cosmic meridian systems.

But, what amazed me, was that these three new sunspots were not part of the new sun cycle 24, which began in January, but by their magnetic polarity they were identified as part of the former Sun Cycle 23!!

So, it seems to me like the Sun is still transmitting Codes in the Old Way for those who are not yet "wired" fully for the New Transmissions, and that is quite a lot of people. So, the Sun is still firing on the Old Cycle energies to assist those who are still firing on the Old Cycle energies, and those who are moving through and accepting their Grail Code activations may be feeling a little crazy as their expanded awareness tries to deal with the Old and the New all at once.

I know that physically I have been feeling very strange. I feel uncomfortable in my own body, and I am very tired. All I want to do is sleep, and thankfully I am sleeping like a baby right now. But, I think our bodies are really feeling the strain of having to integrate so much new information and still carry on with "life as normal" here on Planet Earth, where "normal" is defined as the Old Energy.

But, I see this as a great blessing from the Source. Evolution is waiting for us all to catch up! No one is being left behind! I know it is fashionable in some circles to talk about "waves" of transformation, and to feel that you are "special" if you are "first wave" and ahead of the rest. Or that you can live in a little bubble somewhere and be blissfully happy while everyone else gets on with "life" in the old way and struggles. The fact is, that we are all in this together and we are all evolving together. If you go too fast, you run the risk of running up a dead-end and having to spend some time in that "void" place until you find the flow of creativity again.

Source, Spirit, teaching us that we are all one and that we are doing this as ONE. Most of us who are Lightworkers could probably have done this whole transformation in a year or two, we were that ready to go. But we agreed to go with the Collective as be part of a Collective Process. Ande we a point where the Old and the New exist together...and the New is preparing to become the New Model for life on Earth, not just for some of us, but for all of us together.

What will it be?

It will be what we Create. Now, more than ever before it is necessary to be a Conscious Creator and to make the choices that will create Peace and Abundance. Archangel Michael asks us that we do not get caught up in dualistic patterns of violence and manipulation that are rearing their heads as the Old Energy seeks to reproduce itself in the new environment, nor to become despondent because it seems as though nothing has changed "out there".

It will change, but we must make those choices to be part of the New and to support the New, in a conscious way. Don't just allow yourself to fall into old patterns of thinking because that is what you have always done. Be Conscious of what yout choices will create on the Planet.

This is a more than exciting is the most incredible shift and transformation that this Planet has ever seen. Of course, many people are not seeing it yet, they are still unconscious. But, it is becoming more and more difficult to be unconscious on this Planet as she evolves and changes.

So, in this time, be kind to yourself and be aware that the choices that you make need to come from Love and for Peace, and if you feel anger and irritation, know that it is the old energy seeking release as it passes away and makes space for the new to come in.

Here is an image of another amazing fire energy that has sprung to life on our Planet. The volcano at Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii, the home of the Fire Goddess Pele, has begun to erupt after many years of silence. This is an image taken by Kauwila, who lives on the Big Island. He not only writes great music for us, but he has a deep connection with Pele through the energy of Kilauea:


Kauwila also sent this link to the webcam at Kilauea:

Make sure that you check the time, I just took a look and all I saw was black, since it was 10.30 at night there!

Yes, great changes, Earth Changes, Sun Changes...Star Changes...Cosmic Changes. We are riding the waves of Light to the Portal of 2012 and Beyond...into this new Adventure of Light.

And now I need to go and wash the dishes and all those other things that still need to happen, even at times like this! I wish you all much Love and Peace as you negotiate this interface between the Old and the New. Remember to choose for Love and Joy and the "ride" will be easier and lighter!



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