Earthlog: Looking Backwards...Moving Forwards...and some Whales, Geese and Lions

So, here we are in December! With the powerful alignments and energies that are around right now, I had expected to be feeling the turbulence. But, I find that I am feeling immensely peaceful and calm, it is, as Archangel Michael says, as if we have moved into the Heart of Light. I hope that in this month of December, with its holidays and sacred times, that we can continue to hold that sacred heart space within us, and create a time of Peace and Joy for ourselves and those around us. I have found also, that working with Archangel Michael's "Sacred Heart" meditation has helped me enormously to stay in my center and keep a sense of balance within myself.

So, at this time, we do stand at a point of looking back, so that we can move forward. Looking back over the last ten years, and the journey of Change and Transformation. Looking back at where we have been, so that we can know ourselves well enough to be able to go forward. In the past, those who were given training as "initiates", in the Spiritual traditions, were always urged to "know themselves", to learn and discover the unique essence of who they were, in order to be able to live "in truth", or an authentic life. Of course, the paradox is, that the more you come to know yourself and who you are, the more you discover how unique you are, the more you also discover that you are "one" with all other life in the Cosmic web. It almost seems like being able to be "unique" rests on being able to be conscious that you are born of, and part of, the "One". It is indeed a "dance" of complementary opposites, blending to create a powerful fusion of Love.

So, what made me think of this topic was an invitation to a "Goddess Conference" that found its way into my inbox yesterday. I enjoy "Goddess" energy and working with the Divine Feminine, but when I looked at the program it seemed to be very much a "going backwards" to reconnect with the past. There is nothing wrong with that, what we have held sacred as humans should always be honored and cherished, and sometimes needs to be rediscovered so that we can honor it once again. The re-connection of the Divine Feminine energies has been such a process. But, sometimes it is not enough to just rest in the past. We are creative beings, we need to re-create these connections so that they are meaningful for us in the 21st century. It is easy, perhaps, to feel like a Goddess when you are dancing around a maypole or doing a fire ceremony, but how do we translate this into our every day lives? How do we feel like "Goddesses" when we sit behind a computer with a mouse in our hands?

The same goes for the way we live, I was reading something about living in intentional communities, and I thought, we already live in "intentional communities"...we call them cities. Whether we like it or not, that is how most of us have chosen to live on planet Earth in the 21st century. They may be haphazard and chaotic communties, but "chaos theory" has shown us that no matter how chaotic something might appear, there is always an underlying order. In fact, the more chaotic sometimes, the more there is an underlying and very simple pattern. Being able to connect with this simple pattern at the heart, enables you to circumvent the chaos and live with the simplicity of the basic pattern. So, maybe we need to look at what we have already created, and see whether we cannot find the underlying pattern of community. We will probably find that within these huge cities, is a basic pattern on which we can begin to create a new way of "knowing ourselves" as creators of "intentional communities".

So, as we look back, we can see where we have been and what we long for......simple human connections and support from each other, a close relationship with Spirit and Nature, and to experience warmth and joy in our unique and precious lives. I know, in our period of change and transition, we have tended to reject city living as cold and sterile in favor of idyllic rural life, and that may be a choice for some, but the majority of us will continue to live in these close-knit and chaotic social formations that were created in the last century. How we transform them based on where we have been, and what we want for ourselves, will be the issue. Can we bring back a sense of the Sacred? Can we bring back Love and Support for each other? Can we re-create a loving bond with Nature and the Spirit world within these cities? This seems to be the transformative challenge of the New Earth, as we move forward.

I believe that this is what we are here for at this time, as we navigate this aspect of the Dream on planet Earth. And each of us has a role, no matter where we live.

So, now, the energy of the Whales is still very much around. I had many letters about the Japanese contribution to the Earth Logs in November, expressing a wide range of opinion and emotion. But, I have also recently had several letters from New Zealand, also a country with close connections to the Whale energy. Two of the letters mentioned that magical movie, "Whale Rider", which is based on the Maori legend of the creation of "humans", which for them is the Maori people. They see their original ancestor coming to New Zealand from their original "home" in the Pacific Ocean, riding on the back of a whale. Now to me, this is a metaphor for the understanding that whales brought human life from the original creation point to the point of Earth existence, at that moment when human life "emerged" from its Oceanic womb. The Maori story still carries the echo of this ancestral understanding within itself.

I received this beautiful letter from a Maori woman, and was touched by the way in which she was dealing with her own sacred traditions and her tribal past, as well as living in the present world. Her name is Hineraukura, and I asked her if I might share her letter with you here on the logs:

Dear Celia,

I wish to thank you so much for your words concerning the whale consciousness. several years ago I had a conscious experience that I have never been able to understand, except how the event relates to my daughters heritage, I suppose.

After my daughter was born, I became increasingly annoyed with the sound of whales calling in my head . 20 mins before she was born, a whale had died in our local harbour, & the local tribe had buried the bones at a nearby beach. Well a week later, I was still hearing whales, so I told my cousin & we went to the beach, late at night, to see if I could "pick up" on something, at least try to understand why I was hearing whales. My cousin & I looked at each other when we got there & both said, "Ok, so what do we do now?" Then, as I looked past her into the night sky this white rainbow appeared, landing right upon the shallow water, where (we found out later) the bones had been placed, not buried. We were amazed, & gave thanks to Creator, & returned home.

The only significance we have been able to understand about this, ...The whale that had died, was the first whale to be returned for burial to the local tribe, & it gathered the tribe together to learn about the whales.Previously it had been the role of Government to dispose of these majestic creatures, & the tribes had no authority. So, it was a deeply spiritual experience for the people, re-establishing a relationship that had been removed through colonization. Traditionally, we had a very close relationship with whales, as in "the Whale Rider". Whales were respected as guardians, if they suffered we suffered. Strandings were a portent, & if whales died their bones etc. were never wasted. They were crafted into ornaments and highly prized.

Maybe there is a relationship between my daughter & the whale that died. She did have a rather prominent spine, and her aunties would joke that it was her "fin". I came to call her my whale baby. She is eleven years old now & refuses to eat anything that comes from the sea, lol.

All I know was to my relief, after that night, I did not hear the whales again, well, not all the time anymore, lol. I have had a lot of experiences such as this & have come to be known as eccentric or out there, so live very quietly, hermitic these days. It is encouraging to know of many that are now connecting globally, as lightworkers. Thank you so much, Namaste!!

or Arohanui/ Much Love,


Thank you, Hineraukura......and for those of you who don't know "Whale Rider" and the Maori energy, here is a You Tube clip with extracts from the movie.

Click here for Whale Rider movie.

It is a great movie, and if you haven't seen it yet I would recommend that you do.

Now, here is something fun that happened to me yesterday. I went out for a while, and then came home. I parked my car in the garage around the back, and went inside, put down my bag and turned on the lights, as it was early evening and getting dark inside. As I moved past the window, my peripheral vision registered that there was something brown in my pool in the front garden. I reversed to have a look, and sure enough, there was a large Egyptian Goose swimming around the pool, right next to the creepy pool cleaner thing. It seemed unperturbed, and swam around quite happily. I took this image through the window:



Here is another image with a passing orb that showed up to have a look as well:


So, this is what the New Earth suburban swimming pool will be like! Actually, my goose was a happy visitor. It eventually climbed out of the pool, via the steps, and wandered around the lawn. When I went outside, I thought it would fly away, but it just looked at me and then went on with its stroll, so I left it alone to do its own thing in the garden. I felt deeply honored that this wild goose had felt relaxed and safe enough to visit my garden and share my "water hole" with me.

And, finally, here is a "Lion" clip sent to me by Deb of the USA. I love this clip, it shows a Lion in a "hug" with a human. To me, it shows that these beautiful animals are just as capable of bonding and expressing the heart bond as we are as humans. It truly is time for us to begin to re-think our relationships with the animal world, and to begin to see how we "share" the planet with other species who are equally able to feel and express the Great Love at the Heart of all things.

This is a Windows clip, unfortunately and those of you with Macs might not be able to see it, but try anyway, it is well worth it.

Click here for Lion Hug clip.



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