Earthlog: Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Pisces...and some Magical Images

Today is a very special and magical day. The Full Moon in Pisces brings a light and wonderful spiritual energy to the fore, filled with dreams and ideals. The Total Lunar Eclipse means that at this time the Human Collective is in the process of integrating and allowing all the deep changes in consciousness that have been experienced in the last few weeks.

So, to celebrate this magical Full Moon time with the Angels and Elemental Spirits, I would like to share some more images that were sent to me. First, since Pisces is a water sign and is represented by the fishes, here, from Rob Clark of Australia, a wonderful image of his encounter with a Humpback whale. This must have been quite an experience, as I know how powerful it can be to be right next to such an ancient and wise being, and to share its energy field. It is like a warm, Cosmic hug! So, share with Rob in the Magic of a Whale's embrace on this magical day:



Then, from Jose de Graaf in the Netherlands, another Diamond Orb image:



Jose says that this one was taken at the Greek Island of Rhodes. He said it was taken at Lindos, at the site of the altar for the Goddess Athena. Apparently, Rhodes was also known as "Helios", the island of the Sun.

It seems to me that these diamond orbs are popping up at sacred sites, since the other one was at the pyramids in Giza. Does this mean that the Paradise or Diamond Grid is stronger at these points, and is manifesting more clearly in places where the ancient sacred energies still exist? It is an interesting thought. I wish you a wonderful and magical Full Moon day, filled with the Diamond Light of the Fifth Dimensional New Earth.



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