Earthlog: Oceans...Whales...and the work of Jean-Luc Bozzoli

After all the recent creativity, I have been feeling seriously mellow about life, and have found it difficult to focus on much. However, the theme that seems to be running right now, for me, is the Ocean and how we interact with the Cetaceans. This was represented for me by two mails that I received yesterday. The first was from Japan, presenting the Japanese point of view about the Earth Logs on Whaling, and the second was from Jean-Luc Bozzoli in Hawaii, to tell me about his new DVD called "Transmuteo". So, today, as I had to go for a business meeting with a friend who lives in one of the most beautiful spots on the coast near here, I was able to go for a long walk next to the Ocean to recharge my energies and to be with the spirits of the Ocean and the Whales and Dolphins.

I thought about what Archangel Michael had said to me about being able to see and perceive more with these energy changes. The Ocean did seem to be a particular electric or fluorescent blue today, and my friend noticed it as well. Anyway, I took this image, and I saw that the Digital camera was not really able to capture the translucent nature of the color, although you can see that it is different. Usually, the ocean here is a deep turquoise blue at this time of year:



Now, about the Whales. After I ran the story about the Whales a few days ago, several people contacted me. From Hawaii, I have learned that several Lightworkers are organizing a special Whale Meditation for the 22nd December, the Solstice, and we will certainly let you know more about that as we get more information here at Starchild. The idea of a Global meditation to help to provide a Grid of protection and safety for the Whales is, I think, a good idea. It is about time that we started to dream for them too. I think they have "dreamed" for us for a very long time, now it is our turn to help them.

The second letter was from a lady in Japan called Jueux, who translates some of the Earth Log material into Japanese for a forum group in Japan. They were very unhappy with what I wrote, and considered that I was attacking their culture. Although, I explained that this was not my purpose, we did not seem to be able to understand each other's point of view. Anyway, I asked her to write something for me so that I could present her point of view. So, she asked the members of her forum, and this letter was sent. I promised that I would not alter anything, so here it is as I received it.

First was an extract from a Japanese Forum member:

I am a human being having ability like Cellia.
I was a whale in three past lifetimes, and I love whales.
I have been to the foreign countries many times to see whales because I yearned for a whale.
However, I often ate a whale because I lived in the area with the custom that I ate a whale.

The whales have been food for a Japanese from ancient times, and it was God.
The body was used to the every corner, and it was used with thanks.
We can know the state that a whale decreased sharply for indiscriminate hunting of American and European countries taking the whale oil clearly if we read a document of the whaling.
They merely took homicide, the oil for whale oil and threw it away without regret.

It is culture that a Japanese eats a whale.
The people respected the fisherman who capture whale, and the people all together gave thanksgiving to the whale which they captured as food.
There are a lot of Shinto shrines to enshrine a whale at the Japanese port.
However, in the country where only the acquisition made oil, the people did not thank for a whale.
I think that I had better study since I object whether it is a thing tied to culture how whether whaling is a thing with any kind of history.
If people thank me and eat me even if I live as a caught whale, I think that I am glad.
I think that it is love. I think it to die with pleasure if I have people’s please.

So this is what Jueux wrote as a summary of their opinion:

It is culture that a Japanese eats a whale. We respect souls / Spirit by our culture.
From the ancient times to the present we know that we live thanks to them regardless of the all animals and all plants.
Therefore, for the thing which there was life no from for human circumstances, we give thanks to the soul.
When the reason is because it is shared all, I understand that there are us regardless of the animals and plants to be a nut to be a whale from ancient times.
Therefore, for the thing which there was life no from for human circumstances, we give thanks to the soul.
We build a memorial service monument for the sacrificed rat of the animal experiment and pray its soul may rest in peace.
We respect all the creatures regardless of a kind equally.
We do not distinguish it to say that only this kind is particularly holy.
It is a concept in the root of our culture.

We hope that the whole natural world is restored according to natural providence. We hope that we do not limit it to a special kind. We hope the whole natural world is restored naturally.
It receives it even if we do not reach a human expected result if it is natural providence.
We leave the natural world to the natural world.
Otherwise the reason is because it becomes same as a human being being going to control nature.
This is our thought. This is our thought. We think that most Japanese have feeling as like us in the deep place of their heart.

This is our culture. But e we do not intend to continue keeping our culture of the present desperately
We know .the culture can be change. Culture can change with the times and a flow.
And we know that it causes the opposition to criticize culture.
We do not criticize it and at first we recognize it and think that it is important to respect.
In that way we think that a peaceful compromise is possible for the first time.

We expect the recovery of the natural world of the earth whole than the necessity of the specific protection activity.
We know that it is gone sometime soon to eat animal food in the deep place of our heart .
It will come to look like so, we trust it.
But we know that it is up to the person what kind of action a person chooses.
Therefore even if anyone took any kind of action, we recognize it when it is the course of the person so we do not criticize it.
We cannot agree to your action, but we do not intend to deny it. Please act as you think.

So, there you have it. I would like to thank Jueux and all the Japanese readers who contributed their thoughts so that we could share an exchange of energy on this topic. I am not going to say anything more, other than that each person must decide what is their own "truth" in this matter. We are learning, with the new energy, that "truth" is an individual reality, and that we must each decide what is truth for us, and be willing to respect what is truth for others.

So, now to the next "Oceanic" topic, the beautiful art work of Jean-Luc Bozzoli. Here is one of his works for those of you who are not familiar with his art:



I just love his powerful mix of Dolphin and Whales images with Sacred Geometry. He talks about the Ocean as a "holographic" undersea world, and I am reminded that all life came out of the Oceans, and that the Ocean is a powerful transmutation Matrix. This is the topic of his new DVD which he calls "Transmuteo", and you can watch the trailer here. The imagery of the "New Earth" being manifested is wonderful, as is the music. You can choose between 5 different background scores to watch the movie. So, enjoy this wonderful world of holographic oceanic magic.

Click here for "Transmuteo" trailer.



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