Earthlog: The Equinox...The Point of Balance

Yesterday, the 23rd of September was the celebration of the Earth's Equinox, the Fall Equinox in the North and the Spring Equinox in the South. It was a little strange for me this year, since this was my second Fall equinox of the year, as I celebrated the first one at home in Cape Town in March, and the second one here in Almere in the Netherlands.

The Equinox is that moment when there is a perfect balance between night and day. The movement between the seasons is signified by the shift from longer days and shorter nights, to shorter days and longer nights, or vice versa, as the seasons change. So, at this point of balance where the day and the night are exactly equal, it is a time to be in your center and allow yourself to prepare for the coming changes.

The changes continue to be intense and difficult at times. As the New Earth Grids are activated, and as we work to connect these energetic grids through our Hearts, we are feeling the surges of this powerful new energy. We are truly connecting from Heart to Heart, and so this is a new and unfamiliar energy to most of us who are used to connecting from head to head, or in a very mental way. I think even people who are not familiar with metaphysical and spiritual work are feeling the changes on a deep level, and many of them feel quite unsettled as well. It is a little disturbing when the old ways of being, from a purely mental perspective, no longer "work", and we are needing to learn how to work from that sense of "oneness" and heart connection. But, once we have learnt how to drop judgment and expectation, and to simply move with the flow of energy in our lives, then we will feel the support and the love and experience the miracles and the joy. In the meantime, just be kind to yourself and know that you are changing.

Well, this process was part of our celebrations of the Equinox energy here in Almere. Starchild invited people on our Netherlands mailing list to join us at the beach at IJmeer for a Labyrinth walk and meditation. The process was much like the changes we are experiencing now. Jeanne and Joke of the Starchild Team created the Labyrinth, designed by Jeanne. Jeanne was guided to create a 13 path labyrinth, and she needed to do some restructuring of the left side, which was not surprising given the changes and restructuring that we are all experiencing right now. So, the people who had come had to wait patiently until the right energy and balance was achieved.

Then, we were able to join together for our ceremony. So, here we are at the beginning of the labyrinth walk, which is a form of walking or moving meditation. Jeanne and Joke are leading the walk and I am holding the energy at the center:



We worked with the Labyrinth as a symbol or glyph for the Planet herself, and the center point represented the Heart at the Center. In this picture you can see people walking the Labyrinth. Much like the journey of life, each person is walking in their own way as they explore the paths that lead to the center:



Then, everyone's path leads them to the center, or the place of the Great Heart at the Center of All. Here the group converges on the Center:



And here you can see the group in the process of the meditation. At this point the energies have converged and the Group has become one in the process of connecting with the radiant energies of Light.



We did a meditation to the 5 elements: water, air , earth , fire and spirit, in which we acknowledged "oneness" with each. We connected with our "I Am" presence to acknowledge that we were indeed a part of the "All" and that we could access our own creative power and energy to create our own reality and to create the New Earth in partnership with Spirit and with the each other as part of that One Heart. We joined together in Love and Joy and with a deep sense of inter-connection. We were indeed the One Heart.

It was a beautiful clear and sunny day in Almere, almost as though Spirit was giving us a gift. It had been rainy and cold ever since I arrived, and so this day was just perfect! I also want to thank all the wonderful people who came to be part of this ceremony for the Earth and to share their Love and Energy with the Planet in this way.



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