Loving Energies for the Whales and Dolphins

Thank you to all the loving and supportive people who wrote in response to my post about the whales that beached on our coast here in Cape Town. It was indeed heart warming for me to know that there were so many people who were moved to expressions of their heart's connection with our Cetacean friends and with the Planet itself.

And thank you for all those who sent messages for me. I appreciate your love and support at this time. Here in Cape Town, it is very cold and raining, and almost everyone has flu. I am writing this because my meeting with Children's Foundation committee was cancelled because Wilma has flu and is in bed. This is something of a shock to my system after three weeks of sun in tropical Brazil! But I am trying to slow down and rest and take some time for myself and to reconnect with home, even when it is tough.

Many people aked me about the "message" in the departure of the whales. I am not so sure about what they were trying to "say", if anything. My own understanding is that whales beach when their "guidance systems" are disrupted. They follow electro-magnetic "paths" to navigate the Oceans. When these paths are disrupted by changes in the Earth grids, or confusion in the Earth grids, at times like now, they can just get lost and take wrong turns. The mass beaching occurred at a time of extreme electromagnetic flux here, as manifest in storms and high winds and constant rain.

Also, I know that there is an Ascension portal here in Cape Town that has not been activated, and I was wondering if the whales were looking for it or trying to activate it. It is similar to the one that I worked with in Rio de Janeiro, but so far it has not been opened. This is where my impatience comes in. I know I can't do it alone, any more than I could have worked the Rio portal alone. It needs a group of focussed and committed energies to open the vortex and take the journey that will bring the portal "online" for others to use. So, maybe the whales were seeking the portal or trying to show us that it needs to be opened, so that the pathway "home" is an easy one for those who seek to unite with the Cosmic Heart while still in physical form. This is the essence of the Cosmic Reconnection, and it is a part of the reality of the Cetaceans as well, for the Cetaceans are Cosmic Beings and their connections with the stars are every bit as intense and meaningful as ours. The Cetacean consciousness is also that of Star Voyagers, and they seek to journey with us on our pathway back to ths Stars and the Cosmic Heart. They are part of the Diamond Light Journey and the Diamond Light Consciousness. They are our fellow travellers.

So, for this special day, here is a video that was sent to me by Mieke of the Netherlands. It radiates healing love and light into the Oceans, and I find that it creates calm and peace in my heart after the upheavals of the week-end. Please enjoy.



John Ford 1st June 2009 7:12 am


Thank you for your message "Loving Energies for the Whales and Dolphins" and the video from Mieke in the Netherlands. Beautiful energy!


ninaferrell 1st June 2009 8:14 am

Celia - I am a channel and healer living in Glencairn at the moment. I would love to be part of the group which will activate the portal.



LiteColumn 1st June 2009 9:50 am


I am working with the dolphins and whales cleaning up the waters of the world. My teams and I have also brought forth a Crystal Cathedral as a portal for the new souls coming in, and the souls transitioning. My teams have been very busy here in CT, and around the globe. I was very saddened to read about the whales. I also work with a Golden dolphin, and now a pink dolphin in my work. I would love to help open the portal in Cape Town. I am new to the Spirit Library, and to your newsletter, however, I look forward to checking out your website. In Love and Service. Judy

Rainbow Warrior 1st June 2009 11:03 am

Cape Town, Oh Cape Town open up your doors.

christinaschagen 1st June 2009 3:20 pm

Dearest Celia,

I am a channel and a New Earth Teacher. I am living in Amsterdam. Even here in Amsterdam I could feel the same saddnes.
I would like to help to open the portal and yes I will include the whales in mu New Earth Dreams.

Love Christina.


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