Moving into the Eighth Dimension: The Work of the Angelic Soul Families and Clans.

Dearest Lightworkers, the 11:11:11 stargate is opening and the powerful energies from the Great Central Sun are entering the Planetary Matrix and activating the planet's Crystal Grids. As this process continues and strengthens, many of the first wave Ascensioners who are ready will move into the Eighth Dimension of Consciousness and begin the process of weaving Eighth-dimensional consciousness patterns into the Earth's new multi-dimensional matrix.

This is a great blessing and a privilege for those of the Family of Light who have volunteered to move to this new level of transformation. This is a level of transformation that will connect each person who moves through it with his or her original soul "clan".

The Soul Families and Clans

In the period since the opening of the Paradise Matrix Gate in March 2005, Lightworkers and Ascended Beings have been seeking their Soul Families. Many have made these connections. Those who have not as yet, or who have made erroneous connections, will find that in this alignment period represented by the 11:11:11 portal, they will release all connections that are not aligned to their true soul or heart families.

Many of you will be surprised at who leaves your life at this time, and who may return to your life at this time. There will be many joyful reconnections around this time of the 11:11:11 stargate.

But, the Angelic Soul Families are large units, and they will begin to align and organize into smaller groupings called "clans" or family units. Within these clan groupings, ascended beings will find their true partners and co-workers for the next phase of the Ascension process.

This is a highly emotional time as endings and beginnings are experienced. You will say farewell to some, and you will welcome others into your lives. There will be great sadness and great joy in this process of shifting, alignment and transformation. As you move into absolute alignment with yourself, aligning your higher and lower aspects, you will also move into alignment with your true soul familiy and clan. This movement into alignment will be very powerful.

The Work of the Eighth Dimension

The Eighth Dimension has been open and available to Family of Light for some time, but this is the first time that a large group of ascended beings will enter the Eighth Dimension to begin their work at this level.

The Eighth Dimension is the Archetypal Realm, the level where Energetic Patterns of Being and Behavior are created as templates for physical life on Earth. Those who enter the Eighth Dimension at this time will begin the work of re-patterning the Archetypes for Human Angelic Life on the New Earth. In this path of service, they will draw on the Original Archetypal Templates that are recorded in the Crystalline Matrix of the Earth. These are the original Archetypes placed there by the Elohim Creator Angels when they laid down the original Paradise Matrix for the Paradise Earth.

So, dearest ones, many of you will find yourselves drawn to places on the planet where you will connect with original Archetypal energies that are specific to your Angelic family and clan. And from these journeys and meetings you will be empowered to begin your work of re-designing the Eighth Dimensional Consciousness planes for the New Earth.

In this next cycle of Ascension, many of you will become teachers. You will teach others the new Archetypal paths of the God and Goddess. You will work to re-connect with the ancient wisdoms streams of the Indigenous Ones of the Planet, who draw on the Original Elohim Archetypes. And you will draw on the waves of Radiant Light and Love that emanate from the Great Central Sun, and that carry the "birthing patterns" of a New Society and a New Earth from the womb of the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine expression of the Source Energy.

And so, the Past and the Future are combining in this wonderful Creative Energy of the "Now" or "Present" moment! And so, Dearest Lightworkers, your Adventure continues........



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