Roses & Diamonds...and the principles of "Love in Motion"

Yesterday I took this beautiful image of a Sun Halo over Cape Town. It was taken after a week of intense storms as the Sacred Rose Portal opened and the Rose Grids were activated in the area.


It has been an intense two weeks for me, and I am feeling exhausted on many levels and needing to replenish my energies. So a quiet time at home is indicated for the next few weeks. But....the first week in November was spent in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I worked with a group of dedicated Lightworkers to establish the "template" for the Sacred Rose energy. It was such a pleasure to work with this group. Several of them, including the translator, has been there in May when we had activated the Diamond Light grids and were now also present to work with the Rose Grids....Diamonds and Roses...what a powerful combination! It was also the first time I had worked with a group of people who were all totally clear and focussed and at harmony with themselves and others! It was a beautiful energy from the start and required no effort from me to create harmony.

Those of you in the English speaking world might not be aware that Argentina is now moving through an acclerated Spiritual awakening. When I was there for my first visit at the beginning of 2008, Archangel Michael advised us that this would happen, and indeed it is a pleasure to see these words being validated in the spiritual energy that is arising in Argentine society. And so it was that Buenos Aires was the city chosen by Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene to be the city that would create and host the first Sacred Rose portal for a city. The second would be Cape Town, South Africa, and then on the 11:11:11 many cities resonated with the energy and began to activate their own Sacred Rose Portals! In this process, Cape Town and Buenos Aires became "twin cities" in the Spiritual sense, two communities that were ready to open and receive the Sacred imprint of the Rose into their "City of Light" programs and patterns.

For me, this also meant working in intense storms for nearly two weeks. Nature has been helping the process. The elemental energies are "conducting" the intense energies in the repatterning process so that they are balanced out and there are no intense disasters associated with the Rose openings. The major reconnection with the Elemental energies that was undertaken in April and May of this year with the activation of the Diamond Grids, ensured that the Devas and Elemental energies were supportive of the Rose Grid openings and worked to carry the energies in the least destructive ways possible.

In Buenos Aires it was intensely hot the day I arrived, but the next week was thunderstorms, wind and rain. It cleared the day I left as the Sacred Rose geometries unfurled over the city and a new day and a new energy was created. But, when I arrived in Cape Town, I stepped off the plane and into another storm that continued through the 11.11.11. It was intense, at one point the elemental "whirling" was so intense I felt as if the entire world was spinning. Maybe it was!

The next step for me will be to take the energy of the Sacred Rose to Israel, where Yeshua and Mary Magdalene planted the first seeds two thousand years ago. There, we will work with the local Lightworker community to reactivate the energy of the Shekinah and allow for the activation of the Diamond and Rose grids in this land. In Israel and the Middle East, the grids have been so damaged over the years that the Divine Feminine has been almost completely lost, and women are reduced to black shadows who have to hide themselves from men because of their supposed sexual impurity. The Rose grids and the energy of the New Earth cannot be established there unless the Shekinah returns and the gentle loving light of the Goddess allows for the activation of the Sacred Rose. I would like to ask that all who feel called in their hearts work with us to achieve this goal. There are still places available on the Sacred Journey for those who would like to join us in physical form and attend the gathering in Jerusalem. For those of you at home, we ask that you focus on sending Love with the purpose of activating the Divine Feminine and creating balance so that the Sacred Rose can be activated and integrated into the Grids of the Holy Land and the Middle East.

In the aftermath of this powerful process, many of us are feeling a sense of dislocation and disconnection. We are in a different world and a different place. For me, the issue that keeps coming up in this New Earth energy is "integrity". Integrity to myself and my work and what I believe to be true for me. In this new space, we can only be true to ourselves and we can no longer be drawn into the truth or reality of others at the expense of our own. We have to be who we are and to connect with our Inner Truth, and from there we create our Reality and our Experience.

For me, this aligns with the Spiritual processes that have unfolded this year. In April and May there was the Elemental Reconnection and the acivation of the Diamond Grids with the Ascension portals and the Diamond Light. The theme here was Clarity and Radiance and Purity. The Diamond Light is the Mirror of Absolute Truth. When you are the Diamond Light then you are Pure of Heart and Soul and you Radiate pure white light. Absolute Truth and Integrity are the pattern of life in this energy!

It is only the Pure of Heart that can enter into the experience of the Sacred Rose and the perception of Pure Unconditional Love! Now, before many of you put your head in your hands and think "I am not there yet", let me say that this is not true. The New Earth is not an elite club for people who feel that their lives are working well and where you are left out if you are not living in some standard idea of "abundance". The New Earth is for Everyone, and there are phases and cycles and there are challenges and changes that are required of all of us to be in this New Earth space.

The biggest challenge to our perceptions is to accept that we Are Pure of Heart and Soul, and that to think otherwise is to fall into the guilt and shame that goes with duality and thousands of years of mind control and conditioning! We are all perfect Children of the Light, we are all Star Children, Infinite and eternal Light Beings in material bodies for a while. To believe ourselves to be "wounded" and "imperfect" and "sinful" is to allow the illusions to cloud the reality of who we are and what we are.

We are Love. We are Love in Motion. Each one of us is an Expression of Divinity in Material Form. Each One of Us. Not just the special few. All of Us. Of course, whether we realize that and are open to expressing that and living it, is what makes the difference. I have found there are so many people out there who want to tell me what is wrong with me and what I need to do to be "healed". And so, it is often not easy to remember that I am perfect, that we all are, and that the experiences that life gives to us are to help us to grow in strength, courage and love and to make new choices for our lives as we change and grow.

Every so-called "negative" experience is a challenge to experience and live in ever greater energies of Love and Compassion...until you are a fully opened Flower of Love and the fragrance of Who You Are is a Blessing to All.

This is the principle of "Love in Motion" as given by Mary Magdalene. She urges us to become aware...wake up...and see that we are All Love in Motion...every step we take and every choice that we make is an evidence of Love expressing itself through us, And, in this New Earth where we are beyond duality, the experience of fear and anger is not something to be judged, but a reminder that we need courage and strength and perseverance to find the path of Love and to express that Love no matter what the situation and what is asked of us. For, the expression of Love does not necessarily mean that we live in ease. The experience of Growth often requires that we pass through intense "discomfort zones" so that we can be streteched to the limit and so make new choices, both as individuals and as groups. We are in one of those "discomfort zones" now as we dig deep within and discover that we are indeed "Love in Motion" and an expression of Divinity. All of all Times.

So, as we enter into this New Earth with its high frequncies of Love that we call the "Christ Consciousness", the aim is not to "keep up" with the seemingly endless waves of energy, but more to live the Truth of Who we Are. Sometimes, the mind becomes so involved with the process and the destination, that we forget that we are already there and that what is important is the choices we make as we express our Love and Power. As we become Love in a Conscious way and allow Love to be All that we Are. Always.

That is to Live the Truth of the Sacred Rose....the Flower of Love.


bodhisattva 15th November 2009 3:31 pm

When will you be in Israel? I would like to help you call in the Shekinah energy, from a distance. A couple of years ago I received the message that I was part of a soul group that is devoted to healing the rift in the Middle East, caused by the departure long ago of Shekinah. I have never been to that part of the world, however my ancestors all came from there. Healing my ancestry has been part of my life's work.
If I can help in some small way, I'd be glad to do so.


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