The Buenos Aires Gathering & the message on the back of a bus!

I have posted visual material for the Brazilian gatherings, so I thought I would share with you some images of the work we did in Buenos Aires in Argentina. I also did a Diamond Light gathering in Montevideo in Uruguay, but unfortunately I do not have any visuals from that event although the energy was very powerful.

Our Buenos Aires event was held at Espacio Mandala in San Isidro. We had people from Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay, so we were covering quite a large area of South America with the Diamond Light energy. These pictures were taken by Maria del Carmen, from Peru...thank you Maricarmen for allowing us to use your images!

The first image is me with Espacio Azul, Marcela and Sebastian, the musicians, who worked with me to develop the Diamond Light Journey into the Heart. I love this picture, as it has a sort of indoor/outdoor multi-dimensional energy with nature and people reflected in the window, as well as us!



This is an image of me with a young couple from Europe who live in Chile, with their daughter, Eliya. Eliya was an absolute delight at the event. When I started to lay people down for the Diamond Light journey, she immediately saw what was going on and laid herself down to be part of the journey. That was the picture that I used on the homepage.

And here is the Group photograph that we took at the end of the second day of the Retreat:


Thank you everyone who was a part of that lovely week-end in Buenos Aires. the message on the Brazilian bus. I was just sitting on my bed this morning thinking about the time that I spent in South America in April and May, and what would have been the essential "message" of that time. Indeed, so much happened in such a short time that it will probably take me a while to "digest" all of it. Certainly, the work with the "Christ the Redeemer" Ascension Portal in Rio de Janeiro was the highlight of the work, so I guess the "message" on the Rio bus was the essence of that!

So, the story goes like this. I am driving through Ipanema with my friend Alexia ( and yes I did get to spend time at Ipanema and Copacabana, but that is another story), when our car pulls up at a traffic light behind a bus. Painted on the back of the bus is the message "Flow like a River.....". Yes in English too! I did a double take, wondering if I was seeing things, because Rio has that effect on you. The city is situated between the sea and the sky, and the sky and the sea are an intense blue, and sometimes you feel as though you are slipping through dimensions. But no, the bus definitely said "Flow like a River...", and on closer inspection it turned out to be an advert for the latest book by Paulo Coelho. Coelho is big in Brazil, and his work is everywhere, and his latest book is about the same ideas that we are working with, going with the flow....flowing like a river!

I have been working with the metaphor of Flow for several years now, but since the arrival of the Diamond Light to the Planet, this has taken on a new meaning for me. Indeed, it is important to allow life to flow and not to resist the direction that life takes, trusting always that Spirit and the Higher Self have chosen the perfect direction for you and that the highest good will be served. But, when the Diamond Light enters into the Lightbody, it literally flows around you, and it forms and reforms into myriads of diamantine points of light as you "move" forward through quantum hyperspace. Each moment is new as the Diamond Light flows and reforms according to your intentions and choices.

Can you imagine yourself as an Angel of Light continually flowing this Diamond Light that forms and manifests as blessings in your life? This gives a whole new meaning to "going with the flow". For the flow of Diamond Light is literally what creates the next step in your life as you flow with and into that Light that is a part of you and always with you. It is your creative essence or power in motion!

So, for me, the message on the back of the bus was certainly a powerful reminder that we are all part of the Flow or the River of Divine Abundance, and that we can all flow the Diamond Light to create with Spirit and to manifest those blessings in our lives.

So, at this time, as I am now home, I am busy planning the next Starchild Global events in Moscow in Russia at the end of June. There we will have an evening of Activations and Channels, and a week-end retreat that will include the Diamond Light Journey. And then in August I will be in Greece and the United Kingdom, and in September and October in Germany, Italy and France. So, please join us if you can, I would love to share the Diamond Light Journey with you!




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