The Dream of the Whales and a Deep Despair

Yesterday, I had a truly awful day. My heart was in pain, I felt as though I could hardly breathe, and quite frankly, I didn't really want to be here any more. I was deeply depressed. Now, while I am going through some deep heart pain at the close of a relationship that was important to me, I couldn't understand why I was feeling this pain so intensely in my body. Well, the answer was that I was picking up the "vibes" from a drama that was playing out at a beach not far from where I live.

A group of about fifty Pilot Whales had beached at a place called Kommetjie, a wild and beautiful place on the Atlantic coast of our peninsula, during the winter storms that we are experiencing now.

I am truly proud of South Africans when it comes to our Dolphin and Whale populations. Immediately, the National Sea Rescue organization and many local people braved the weather and rushed to the beach to assist in getting the whales back into the deep waters. Some were injured in their efforts to help and save our whale friends. But, to no avail. The whales, when pushed into deeper water kept coming back, to the increasing despair of those who were trying to help them. The suffering and the struggle continued in the rain and the icy weather. Eventually, the authorities decided that nothing could be done, and decided to end the suffering of the whales by shooting them through the brain. While this sounds horrific, you must also understand that a beached whale has tremendous pressure on its lungs, and is slowly suffocating and dying of dehydration and pressures on the internal organs that are usually supported in the water.

Of course, the rescuers were traumatized, and some tried to protect the whales from this ending, creating more trauma and suffering for all concerned. It was a nightmare. And that was the energy that I was feeling all day yesterday.

So, this morning, I get a message from a friend on my cellphone....what is this all about? What is the message for us as South Africans. Ah yes, I remember in the Earth Logs a few months ago talking about messages that were received that the Whale and Dolphin population were in increasing distress and needed our support.

The truth is, that when the dimensions are in flux, as they are at the moment, this creates electro-maagnetic confusion and chaos, and this affects the oceans as well as the land. We all feel it, and yes, the Cetaceans who are more sensitive than we are, and who rely on the grid system to navigate the oceans, are deeply affected when there is damage or change to that grid system.

We can support them by helping them to "dream" with us into the New Earth. As I know from my experiences with the Diamond Light Journey, we dream our way forward and we create the New Earth as a dream with Spirit, and with the Dolphins and Whales. When I did the Journey in Buenos Aires, several of the participants said they felt the presence of the whales and dolphins in their journey. Yes, they need us to dream them into our New Earth so that they can find their way. They need us to see them as Co-Creators and to include them in our dreams for the New Earth.

We have decimated the Cetacean populations in our Oceans, whose work was to maintain the Oceanic temples and grids, and we are not supporting those who are left to find their way into the New Earth portals and vortexes. And so they come to us for help, and we don't know what to do, we try to send them back the way they came.

This is where I feel personal sadness and despair. I have known for a long time that the work is just not being done in South Africa, and I have been told not to try to do it alone as I am not strong enough. No I am not. At this point I have spent years travelling around the Planet working for the New Earth and dreaming with those who will dream and are ready, but in South Africa it is just not happening. People are not awakening fast enough to dream the new structures into place.

I know that all is in Divine Order and that all takes place as it should, and that I am not responsible for what happens. And yet, I feel this deep sadness that I am unable to do anything in this place that I call home, because the energy just isn't receptive to what I do. I feel sad that I tried, but I couldn't do it alone, and that so far, there is no one there to dream with me.

So, I just ask that Lightworkers, wherever you are, if you are awakened enough to understand, please include the Oceans and the Whales and Dolphins in your dreams and your soul journeys. We are all One, and they share the Planet with us. They are our Ancestors, the First Ones, the Ancient Ones. We would not be here if it were not for them. The least we can do, as we come of age and become stewards and co-creators of the New Earth, is to include them in our Dream Journeys of the New Earth! Show them the way, so that they can connect with "home" as well.

Comments 31st May 2009 3:39 pm

Dear Celia

First I would like to tell you how much I look forward to your postings and to say how much you have lighted my way here in Canada.

Yesterday was a hard day evidently for all of us inhabiting mother earth. The energy was very strong and my right foot and hand chakras ached from Thursday night until sometime through the night on Saturday.

I take journeys with the dolphins in my meditations as I have always felt their stewardship, so I am very sad to hear what happened to their family, the whales. It is disheartening.

Thank you for telling us about this tragedy so that we can all share in the responsibility as one to help each other through these changing times.

I send heartfelt love and blessings to you for the beautiful and inspiring work that you do.

You are not alone. Namaste Tami

majicamelman 31st May 2009 8:43 pm

recalibration , realignment , bigtime , enhanced sensitivity collectively , cells of a body self aware , inner embrace, inspired, the nurture, disorientation collectively~ those out of touch with thier emotions suppressed , unaware of the connectedness and the effect thier actions have on others being unable to be "thickskinned" and not be effected by the results of thier actions emotionally , a pain shared as a body heals itself ...the breathing continues

Kirin Sprong 1st June 2009 2:46 am

Dear Celia.

Don't you ever believe for a second, that you have to do it alone! There are enough people who always had the notion of pulling the weight alone, that will now experience -when very shortly fully united- the blessings of the Love and Gratitude from all Kingdoms for the enormous amount of 'work' that has been put in! We were spread for a reason, dear friend!
Hang in there and KNOW that we ARE changing the world together. The warm hearts feel the pain the most, but are also the ones making the change happen!

My attention has been brought to Africa especially about two years ago, and I can assure you, it hasn't been forgotten.
As you know, Africa took on the job, to clear away a lot of clutter for the good of All. This doesn't make it easier on the mind, but it makes true change possible. We are doing this together, dear Co-worker.....along with our beloved animal friends.... These also made the choice to pull more of the weight than others JUST LIKE US to bring awareness! Try to see them as collegues! Hope you read this..

With much Love+support! Kirin Holland

Nada 1st June 2009 9:42 am

Thank you for sharing this with us. I was moved to heavy tears upon reading this. Please know that we are in support of this mission. I ask with simplicity and in the purity of my heart that I be guided to do my part large or small.

Rainbow Warrior 1st June 2009 10:55 am

What had to be , Had to be. It always plays out .

denisesjourney 1st June 2009 12:06 pm

Dear Celia,

You are not alone, my sister, my friend. Thank you for your poignant reminder to help the cetaceans dream with us into the New Earth. And thank you for the gift you are to the world. What you do makes a difference. With love from Canada.


misafir 2nd June 2009 11:38 am

Several years ago, the whales of both the shallow seas and deep oceans used to beach up. But for the last several months or more, only the deep ocean whales get beached up. Think about this.
The Earth's Magnetic Grid was shifted (displaced) between 1989 and 2002, therefore in those years and maybe some time later the whales (that navigate using the magnetic radars inside) beached up due to following their OLD ways not knowing the ways were changed (by the Kryon Group).
The recent beaching events are due to again a shift in magnetics, but this time earth's magnetic field strength is reduced to a minimum (to accord it to New Earth, similar to a musical instrument is accorded keeping away from microphone or public hearing..) whereby the ocean whales navigating close to surface could lose contact with the magnetic signals originating from the beneath of ocean bottom (due to very reduced magnetic field strength for the last several months or more so..) and find themselves on beach.
Message ? Dont follow the old ways (which are out of line with the New Energy) blindly and insistively.

misafir 2nd June 2009 11:43 am

... and secondly..
Dont lose contact with the Magnetic Service providers.. :) ..and Magnetic Energy.. :)

Hilde Janssen 4th June 2009 7:00 am

Dear Celia,

I just read your story about the whales and it is very sad. I just want you to know that you're not alone. I know that all the Lightworkers in the world has to work together now and they have to come out in the open to help the rest of the people, to go to that shift of change through all their suffering. I don't know if you already met Joan Ocean. I'll give you her website; and her mailadress; She also does a very good job as a kind of ambassador between the ceteceans and people on the land. I try to convince political authorities in Belgium to change education at school, so there will be a balance in the cognitive way of education and in the heart way of education. We learn all kind of languages, but we also have to learn the language of the heart, and the ceteceans are the ambassadors of that language, so in that way, we can work together with them and we can dream together with them. As the government will allow a change of education at school in Belgium, it can be spread all over the world.

With love,
Hilde Janssen

ursulamcgloughlin 8th June 2009 3:02 am

You are not alone. I too live in Cape Town and would welcome the opportunity to work together. We are all affected by the deep sadness of the loss of the whales in Kommetjie and want to do something.
There was a ceremony on the beach but sadly I missed it. Those that were there said it was beautiful.

My first reaction was to take physical action by setting up a formally organised, trained group of helpers and I met a wonderful woman this weekend that will try to find funding for the right equipment of slings and so on that will help us to be ready should this tradgedy strike again. She also told me that for every whale that turned around and came back to the beach, there was at least one that went back in the ocean ... they must be lost without their family. My second reaction, was to send out our love, even from the pigeon-hole desk I sit at deep inside the corporate world - I believe that they can hear us and feel our love.

shauna 8th June 2009 3:42 am

Oh Celia, you're not alone! There's a wave of caring flowing around the world right now! Hang in, it's all part of the beauty of the human experience. Thank you for sharing your feelings!

wellspringessences 8th June 2009 7:21 pm

I would love to share my experience of a pilot whale stranding a few years ago, on the summer solstice(Dec 21st)Golden Bay, New Zealand. About a hundred pilot whales stranded on a sand bar that shelters Golden Bay. There was definitely distress within this experience,for both the whales and humans! - but the community experience was an incredible coming together of 'all sorts' of people united in an effort to keep the whales alive until the turning of the tide. I loved that the department of conservation were telling everyone 'the right things to do' - but that people were quietly sharing with each other things like "We've been singing to our whale", or "We're doing reiki for our whale". When we stepped back from the group of whales as they refloated, I noticed that the first thing they did was enter a time of INTENSE BREATHING as they formed a new alignment within their group (Their former matriarch had died) and heaps of SOUNDING under the water.Now theres a message I reckon! That night I felt like I was a whale dreaming with my pod. theres more to share, no space here! Arohanui


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