The Energies in November 2004

The following information is given to us through Archangel Michael, and is a continuation of the information given in the "Energies for October", since the energy flow is continuous from October into November. Events and patterns initiated in October will culminate in November. The grand highlight of November will be the opening of the 11:11 Stargate between the Earth and the Higher Dimensions.

This cycle of energies has significance for the future of the Planet. We are seeding into the Planetary and Individual DNA codes new sequences or templates for expressing LOVE, ABUNDANCE and RELATIONSHIPS in the New Earth.

The First Cycle

The first cycle commenced with the first Grand Quintile planetary alignment in early October and culminated with the New Moon and the partial solar eclipse. This seeding of the New Energies is closely tied to the Solar and Lunar Cycles of the Earth.

The New Moon/solar eclipse event took place in the astrological houses of Aries and Libra. Aries carries the energies of the SELF, while Libra carries the energies of RELATIONSHIP. The shift that was initiated here and energized by the Grand Quintile formation laid the foundations for new patterns of relating to the SELF and to OTHERS.

The primary awakening for us here is the realization and understanding that in order to be in any kind of a relationship with another or with others, one must love and nurture the self first. And that SELF must be strong and clear and well defined before it can share its essential being with others.

The Second Cycle

The lunar cycle extends from New Moon to Full Moon in Scorpio/Taurus on the 28th of October. This event includes the second Grand Quintile formation and a Total Lunar Eclipse which will install the New Template or Code Sequence into the DNA of Humans and of the Planet herself. From this time a new template for creating and forming relationships will be available. A new way of sharing and expressing love that is in perfect harmony with the divine essence of the newly birthed Human Angels that you are. So the planet is now ready to release finally the patterns of co-dependence, unequal power relations and victim dramas. In its place will come equality, sharing and empowerment.

The eclipse falls in Taurus, a house ruled by Venus and traditionally concerned with ABUNDANCE and BEAUTY as well as LOVE. These concepts will be redefined and renewed when the new template is installed. The sun will be in Scorpio, the house ruled by Pluto. The energies here are TRANSFORMATION on a very deep level, reaching into the deepest subconscious levels of the Human Species and re-writing the Human DNA codes.

Scorpio is the 8th house of the Zodiac, and the energies here resonate with the 8:8 event of August 2004, when the Crystal Planet of New Earth was birthed. You are now initiating the new template that will open the gateways for love and abundance to flow on the New Earth.

The 11:11 Stargate

After the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Grand Quintile energies are activated, the next major event will be the opening and activation of the 11:11 stargate on the 11th of November, the day before the November New Moon marks the close of this cycle of change and transformation. The stargate between the Higher Dimensions and the Earth will open, and the beings of light who work with you stand ready to direct the streams of Cosmic Light and Sound from the Galactic Centre that will pour through the stargate onto the Planet.

The opening of the 11:11 stargate will energise the New Templates or Code Sequences with an outpouring of radiant celestial love which will be received as rays of color and energy. The Gold and Silver rays will be predominant, but the new Multi-dimensional colors of Aquamarine, Indigo-Violet, Red-Gold, Magenta and Peach-Orange will also energize the Template.And, for the first time - a deep BLUE-BLACK color is being released into your color spectrum from the Galactic Centre. This will eventually modulate into an even higher frequency SILVER-BLACK color as it settles into the New Earth frequency spectrum.

This BLUE-BLACK/SILVER-BLACK color has not been seen on Planet Earth for thousands of years. It represents a very deep Cosmic connection with the Galactic Centre, the place of Cosmic birth and Generation, or the womb of the Great Mother. These new colors are the generative energy of the Great Mother herself returning to Planet Earth at this time. It is the energy that we will use to build the New Earth.

The Blue-Silver-Black energies will deepen your intuition and your abilities to connect with each other from the heart. Already some of you are feeling the approach of this energy. Its touch will heal your hearts as the touch of a loving mother heals her children.

Stay in Peace and Love: Dealing with the Physical Symptoms of Change

As you experience these energetic events - this dance of light, love and color - many of you will find your lives and energies under intense stress.

We ask you to hold the energy of peace and love. Let what must be released move through you and do not attempt to hold onto energies that must be released as the old is replaced with the new.

The Physical Symptoms of the Change are the same as was given for October, but we re-iterate here:

  • Intense Exhaustion and feeling unable to keep up with life.
  • Intense Electrical sensations in the body. This can cause stress to the Nervous System in sensitive people
  • Disturbed sleep patterns and strange dreams. Your subconscious is responding to the deep cellular changes.
  • Upset digestive system and symptoms of detoxification, including headaches and pains in the stomach area.
  • Intense anxiety and fear. Feeling that life is too stressful. This is your body responding to the stress of the shifts in the cellular DNA.

Celebrate the New

The gift of this new template will be what many of you have been waiting for. The energies of Relationship and Abundance will be renewed.

Many of you will now be ready to connect with Soul Mates and Twin Souls in the new relationship energies. This will bring you great joy after the frustration and pain so may of you have experienced as you completed and closed relationships and relationship "karma" in the Old Energy Template of power relations and co-dependence.

Some of you will "transfer" your relationships from the Old Template to the New. This will require a new "contract" between you.

Others will find and establish their soul relationships in the New Energy Template.

You will also begin to feel relief around issues of abundance and money, if you are in tune with the new energy flows. You will find that the New Template requires sharing from the Heart. The Old Template pattern of aquisition and hoarding will be replaced by a need to share and empower others. Those who have will be moved to share with those who do not.

This new energy will be felt by individuals, but it will manifest significantly on a Global scale, as the wealthier nations begin to find ways to really assist and alleviate the suffering of those who live in poverty. The balance will be re-established on Planet Earth.

We ask you to be mindful of the energies at these special times and give your energy in meditation to help create the wave of light and love that will receive the New Energies.

STARCHILD will be holding the following meditations:

  • On the 28th October at 8pm
  • On the 11th November at 8pm

You are welcome to join your energies with ours at these times.



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