The First Crop Circles from the UK...a Cosmic Jellyfish!

From all the letters that I have received in the last few days, I can see that I am not the only one who is feeling the intensity of the turbulence at this time of change as the Earth accelerates in her journey through hyperspace. Yes, we are speed. It reminds me of those old Star Trek episodes. The Earth is like a gigantic spaceship, like the Enterprise, and we are all going about life on board until, whoops, something out there rocks the ship and we all scurry arpound to find out if it was the Klingons or the Romulins or something else, but always trusting that Captain Kirk, with the help of Mr Spock, would solve it all and we would be safe, and there was always Scottie to "Beam us up" if we got lost. Ah yes, well, right now we are all still getting used to this strange feeling of moving through hyperspace, at accelerated speed, but always in the present moment, which is so intense it is blasting away all that we can't hold onto. Or don't want or need to hold onto.

So, in the midst of the latest round of turbulence, including the whale beachings and the loss of the Air France flight from Rio (wasn't I just in that aiport a few weeks ago!), which ironically was apparently due to the plane breaking up in severe turbulence, someone from the UK sent me images of the latest Crop Circles. I have always loved Crop Circles. I confess to having no real idea what they are. Yes, I have read all the theories and I have even asked, and was told by Michael that they are "interdimensional imprints". Ok, so what does that mean, exactly. The closest I could get was that they are the visible imprints of events that take place on other dimensions in time/space. They contain information that tells us about what is going on in the quantum field of the Planet and its immediate quantum environment. So, with this in mind, here are the latest "snapshots" from the quantum reality.

This one was taken on 1st of June, at Knoll Down in Wiltshire, which I love and where I hope to be soon! The images are copyright and are from


crop circle

This one was easy for me. It is almost exactly the same as the Ascension Vortex that was shown to me, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as I was preparing for the work with the Ascension vortex in Rio de Janeiro. It is a visual manifestation or diagram of a "worm hole" or a portal through hyperspace.

But, this next one, was well, hmmm, just kind of weird and funny. A gigantic Jellyfish in the fields of Oxfordshire!


crop circle 1

Well, maybe not so funny. The journey through hyperspace is similar to a journey through the Ocean.....the Cosmic Ocean from which all is born. This was the essence of Jean-Luc Bozzoli's wonderful DVD "Transmuteo", which is about the transformation of Humanity through the Creative Journey through hyperspace reality. You can see some of the DVD here. As I was looking through the site, I came across this: "Now with TRANSMUTEO, access advanced parallel civilizations in company of the gentle holographic power of dolphins and whales. Their language is an multi-dimensional organic geometry, and it awakes the blueprints which are dormant within us to reconnect with our original patterns of forever expanding possibilities." Yes, indeed, as we have been discussing in the last few days, the whales and dolphins are our partners in this voyage across the Cosmic Oceans, and they are awakening us to the possibilities for creative co-operation that now exist between ourselves as a newly awakening collective, and other beings who are already able to work within this holographic field of pure potential and possibility.

I do remember that in the "Transmuteo" DVD there was a scene with a gorgeous cosmic jellyfish floating through Oceanic space, pulsating with light. So, I guess the Oxfordshire jellyfish is just a gentle reminder that we are moving through the Cosmic Ocean. And also, that we need to take care of our own Oceans and those who live within them. For the Ocean seems to be a microcosm of the vast Cosmic Ocean, and a powerhouse of creative possibilty and transformation within our own environment as well.


crop circle 3

For those of you in the United Kingdon, I will be with you in August, and I will be doing a Retreat week-end with my friend, Sarupa Shah, in Glastonbury. We intend to spend an afternoon with the crop circles, if there are still circles that late in the season. There were last year, even though it was just about harvest time. So, let's see. Of course, Glastonbury is just such a magical place, and we will be doing ceremonies on the Tor and at the Avebury stones. I will be posting more information soon, so if you are in the area in August, please consider joining us.


majicamelman 3rd June 2009 8:10 pm

funny had a dream about the plasmic beings just a while ago , majestic angelic , and pretty quiet too

DW 5th June 2009 6:59 pm

I'm not so sure its a jellyfish. I see it as "Kundalini" the round part represents the crown or petals of the highest chakra.

when you see this video you'll be able to see it.


Its a universal message to us all!


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