The Return of Beauty, Harmony and Love to the Planet

We are the beings known as Hathors - and we greet you today. We are an ascended race who have come into your vibrational field to assist you with the your own process of ascension and evolution. You may think of us as older sisters, for indeed that is what we are. We are part of your "family", and we rejoice at every step that you take on your own path of ascension. We offer advice, based on our own experiences, but we know that the choices are all yours, and that you, as humans ascended into multi-dimensional beings, are the ones who must create the path forward. And so we honour you. But we are here now especially to work with those beings known as Crystal children and adults, to assist them to fully express the gifts of who they are becoming.

Our topic today is the return of beauty, harmony and love to the planet. We have worked with humans before to bring these qualities into your vibrational field, for we are masters of love and energy harmonics. In ancient Egypt we appeared as the goddess Hator who personified beauty and love, and we worked with the Egyptians through this framework. But, because you are becoming multi-dimensional ascended beings, we recognise you as equals and salute the god and goddess in each one of you.

The planet is now ready to activate the vibrations of love, harmony and beauty. We work across the full vibrational spectrum of this harmonic Universe, but at this time we are focussed on the Gold and Magenta Rays. We urge you, therefore, to engage your creativity and begin to create the vibration of love and beauty in your own lives. Know that according to the law of resonance, this vibration will expand exponentially as more and more of you strive to hold this in your personal energy fields.

You may ask: "How do I create love and beauty? How is it done?". Well, we respond by offering you a simple harmonic mantra that you may begin to work with. It is easy to remember: Live your life with Grace, Gratitude, and Generosity. This truly helps you to access the vibrations of love and beauty.

Grace includes compassion and forgiveness. Understand that you are all striving for happiness and fulfillment in your own individual ways, and if others disappoint you, be willing to forgive and release your disappointment. Avoid falling into anger - but if you do, do not judge yourself, merely vent or release the anger in safe and non-destructive ways and then return to the path of love and beauty as it opens before you.

Live your life with Gratitude. Know that every experience that enters into your experiential field is a gift of love. Strive to see all experience that way, and look for the gifts that are offered. Do not enter into fear, which produces anger, frustration, hurt and blame. Strive rather to remain centred in gratitude for all that is sent to you. It is a part of your unfolding into ever deeper and more luminous aspects of beauty.

Generosity is another key to the love vibration. The Universe is abundant and generous. You need only to look at the star-filled heavens at night, or try to count the grains of sand on a beach, to know that abundance is Universal law. Use your resources wisely and with compassion and gratitude, but know that in the vibration of love, supply always meets need. You are greatly loved and the Universe supports each one of you.

Finally - we urge you to love and care for your children. The vibration of love honours and rejoices as each precious soul incarnates into human form to begin the adventure of material incarnation. We urge you to see the love and beauty in each child that is gifted to your planet. Only when you can do this can you truly be said to have found the path of love and beauty. It is very close, dear ones, know that despite the chaos you see now, you have your feet set firmly on the path of love and beauty. We urge you to keep walking in faith and trust.



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Starchild Global

Starchild Global

Starchild Global, channeled by Celia Fenn from Cape Town - South Africa, is devoted to the empowerment of all who live on Planet Earth, through an understanding of Who You Really Are and how you can live a Creative and enjoyable life. The essence of living in the New Earth is to be Here, in the NOW moment, and to understand that life is an adventure of Creativity and Unconditional love.


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