The Solar Eclipse and the next step Forward into the energy of the One

I woke up this morning right into the Solar Eclipse. Unexpectedly. I had no idea it would be visible in southern Africa...I kinda missed that one. So I woke up and I looked out the window and I thought two things....why is my head buzzing and why is it so dim out there when there are no clouds anywhere. Then, I went outside and realized I was right in the middle of the eclipse, and the buzzing in my head was a tingling in the pituitary gland that was not that unpleasant. So I had a first class experience of the Eclipse!

And then.....yes...Spirit started to whisper.....the Michael energy asking me to feel the changes....the next step forward into Oneness! And I was a little bit hesitant. I thought to myself...people don't want to hear this. Not now! But the Michael energy was insistent, and Mary Magdalene was there too, so, well, this is what the essence of the "Solar Codes switch" has brought to us!

Many people have written to me recently and say that they feel "stuck". Nothing is opening for them. They seem to have gone as far as they can. Yes indeed, we have, for now. The next step is to ground and manifest the energy on the Material Plane. The next step is to Serve the Light by serving others in our Community. The next step is to Ground the Dream into Manifestation.

Now why people don't want to particularly hear this, is that we have become, as a culture, a people that likes to focus "inward" on "me" and my spiritual growth and my abundance and my relationship. We think that if we get it all right, then we will be able to spare some time for other things and other people. We have become very "mental" as a people. We might talk a lot about the "Heart" and what it means to work from the heart, but few of us are really putting that into practice in significant ways. We tend to think our way out of acting from the Heart and settle for thinking from the Heart, when it suits us. And I speak for myself as well.

How many of us actually take some time out of our lives to help others in our community, even for a few hours a week. How many of us say we are too busy, or we don't have enough money or time, to help those who need help. Are we even aware of those who might need help in our area? How many of us actually do any form of "community work" or service for no financial return, but only to serve and help from the heart?

The next step forward will be to release our obsession with ourselves as separate beings and see that we are One, and that as part of the One we have a spiritual mission to serve others. In real and material ways. Not just by thinking about it now and then.

I think, as always, this has been demonstrated by the furore in Britain over the BBC and Sky refusing to carry humanitarian appeals for humanitarian aid for people in Gaza. The reason given was that it would affect their ability to appear politically neutral if it seemed that they were supporting one side over the other. So, people can suffer ande die, as long as things appear correct and the mind feels justified in its hardness. But, this is only an example of what goes on in our larger community. We feel justified in ignoring the suffering of others because we pass judgement. These people are poor because they are lazy, stupid, criminal...etc etc, and the government can help them anyway....

But, we have reached a global stage where governments are not capable of fixing the mess, on any level. It must happen from the ground up...and it will happen when we open our Hearts and learn to love and share even with the little that we have. There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says, if you have 2 coins, buy a loaf of bread a flower...feed your soul and your body.....even if you have only 2 coins. Now, what about us who have so much more than 2 coins, do we offer to share with others so they can have bread and flowers too. Or are we just obssessed with having a lifelong supply of bread and the very best imported flowers. Or is it possible to create a society where everyone can have Flowers and Bread.....Abundance and Peace.

I know in the USA everyone is looking to Barack Obama to magically create this Abundaance, and maybe he will, but he will need all the help he can get from the Lightworkers on the gound. The point is not to sit and wait, but to get out there are start looking out how you can make a difference even in your own community. In small ways. In big ways. Dream Big...and then act on your dreams.

In South Africa we had a similar change in the 1990s, when Nelson Mandela came to power. People looked to the government to make the changes, and some were made. It is probably not known, but South Africa has one of the most advanced constitutions in the world, where things like abortion and gay marriage are rights that are taken for granted by all citizens. But, the moment was lost for us at that time, and the greed and corruption that is endemic in Africa meant that the poor remained poor. In the community where I work with the Children's Foundation, there are many wonderful intiatives that are helping people, but they are all privately funded and managed. Poverty alleviation and community upliftment is in the hands of private individuals who manage the money with integrity and work with passion. While the government tries to work out what to do with corruption.

And I think, that in our spiritual community, we have become apathetic and we have forgotten what it means to serve others. We have spent so much time working on ourselves and our comfort, and justifying our choices, and saying that it is all fine and this is how it is meant to be, that we have not noticed, until now, how uncomfortable we really are. We have been in a kind of "denial", where we feel that all that is required of us is to work on ourselves and meditate. Yes, these are necessary, but in any community of spiritual devotees who work on themselves and meditate, there is also an ethic of service to the community. We seem to have lost that part.

So, the next step forward into the Radiant Light will be as we remember that we came here to Grow in the Light and to Serve in the Light. To Serve Others, for that is what a Master does. You only deserve the title of "Master" when you have learnt to serve others! You can only be a Leader when you have learnt to work with a group and be part of that group, and how to lead from the "back". Ask Barack Obama....he learnt the hard Chicago....serving others.....I think his first "job" was as a "community organizer"! So, if as so many of us believe, Obama is the leader who will show us the way forward, we go....this is the way forward!


Christine 27th January 2009 1:42 pm

Your comment: I know in the USA everyone is looking to Barack Obama to magically create this Abundance

Is that true? Is everyone in the USA looking to Barack Obama? I for one am not looking to anyone. Please stay away from generalizations.

You also talk about hard work. The energy you put in is the energy you get back. Apparently you don’t know quantum physics. I change things by observing them. That which is observed changes (Heisenberg).

Stefanie Newton 27th January 2009 4:15 pm

I agree that not 'everyone' is looking to Obama for Abundance - we create Abundance ourselves by being grateful for anything we have which makes us comfortable - a roof, food, warmth, clothes, something to occupy ourselves with- e.g. creation or service, and realising that anything more than this, is Abundance. So, many people have Abundance already. More, however, do not. This is changed by basic changes in thinking. Thoughts create action-on both a physical and an energetic level. Love is the Key. The problems in Gaza are so complex, with anger and bitterness on both sides, beginning so many years ago, that, unusually, I thought that the BBC had a point. Peace cannot be fought for - it has to be given. What you give, you get. Neither side gives it. Settling Jewish people in Israel was a direct reaction to the Holocaust. An extreme which created another-'The Pendulum Effect'. Politics function on so many levels that have nothing to do with commonsense or humanity, in most countries. These new energies are long awaited. Obama's election is a start and an example - another brave man.


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