The Winds of Change and One Earth Spirituality

I am really happy to be back home here in Africa and to be enjoying some peaceful time in my own home. Certainly much is changing in the world right now, it is an exciting time to be alive and to see the shifts and changes. Of course, the biggest news in the last week has been the election of Barack Obama to the American Presidency. As one of those "where where you" stories, I would have to say that when I heard about Obama's election victory I was on a Lufthansa flight somewhere over central Africa on my way home. It seems somehow appropriate! The pilot came over the intercom to tell us that Lufthansa head office had let him know that Obama had won, and so he was letting us know.

At the moment, as part of my rest, I am reading Obama's book, "Dreams from my Father", which is about his life and his relationship with his African heritage. There are two things that strike me about Obama. The first is how he evades definition or "labels". Just when you think you have him worked out, he does something quite different. I guess he knows about Choice and Flexibility and being in the Moment. He knows how to flow with the energy and make choices for the highest good. Of course, this would be confusing to those who are used to working in the old way. The other thing that strikes me about his life story, as a Black growing up in "white" America, is how similar it is in many ways to my own experiences as an African "white" living in post-apartheid black South Africa. The art of finding ways to "fit" and discovering what community can truly mean when you are focussed and committed. Well, for Obama the journey took him to the White House and the challenges that he will confront there. For me, the journey has led to what I call "One Earth Spirituality", or "New Earth Spirituality". The understanding that we are One Earth and One Family, and that we will move forward by finding "community" in our diversity and difference.

This understanding has emerged over the years as I have worked with Ascension and the Great Shift in Consciousness. I have seen the changes, maybe more vividly than others because I have lived the journey as a white South African, from a police state dictatorship to a fledgling democracy. I have seen that war and hate can be put aside if people find common ground and talk to each other. I have seen how a community can be formed if there are people with vision and commitment. And I have seen how we, as a Human Collective, are emerging into a form of Spirituality that will support and nurture our journey into "One Earth and One Family", which is the next part of our collective journey. We, as the Lightworkers and the Spiritually awakened Ones, are learning how to take our inner power through Love and Gratitude, and to be a powerful force for shaping a new society based on Unconditional Love and Compassion and Gratitude. We are needed to awaken the energy of Love and Compassion in others so that we can create a New Earth and a new way of life that nurtures all. Our concerns for a different future, a sustainable future where we honor the Earth and our connection with her, are converging now with the mainstream concerns for Peace and economic stability. We are all raising our consciousness above the selfish need for individual security and learning to see how our security is connected to the security of all who live on the Earth, for we are all connected in this emerging Global society.

So, here are some images from the last days of my Europe tour, as I moved from Spain to Portugal for the last event in Lisbon. We travelled by car from Madrid to Lisbon, through Estremadura and into Portugal. We stopped at Merida to see the Roman ruins that are famous in that area. Here is an image that I took at the amphitheatre at Merida:



It was while I was here that I became conscious of the way in which the Divine Plan for the Earth has unfolded across the centuries, as the Earth has moved towards this point of "Oneness" and Collective Conscious Unity. I saw the Roman peoples moving across Europe, and setting up this settlement here in this western point of Europe that is now Merida in Spain. I saw also how Mary Magdalene brought the teachings of the Christ consciousness to southern France, as part of this expansion of human consciousness across the Planet. And, when I reached Lisbon and the Atlantic Ocean, I saw how the Spirit of exploration and adventure was awakened in these people and how they yearned to cross the Oceans and adventure and explore in what was to become the "New World" of the Americas. And so, for me, the year had come full circle, for I had started my "Global Field of Peace 2008" tour in South America, the "New World" that was "discovered" and colonized from these shores that I was now standing on now, with a contemporary group of Lightworkers who were helping to work with the Divine Plan to create Oneness and Harmony.

Our group in Portugal was small, but they were committed and enthusiastic. We held our event in a catholic seminary, and this was a first for me. I had never worked in a Catholic building before, and it seemed odd to nod to the portait of the Pope as I enetered the door for the gathering of Lightworkers. However, it did fit in completely with the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation that has become a theme in this tour. Also, after being kicked out of a Lutheran church building in Berlin as a "false prophet", it was kind of nice that the Catholics seemed unperturbed at our activities. And so, we were able to anchor the codes for Peace and Abundance and the City of Light for Lisbon at this venue.

Then it was off to the Beach for the culmination of our Water Ceremony, just as the sun was setting over the vast Atlantic Ocean. Here is an image of the group of Portuguese Lightworkers taken on the beach at the time of the ceremony.



And so, here we are gifting the Sacred Water to the flow out into the Ocean and across to the "New World" :



Looking across the Ocean to the shores of another continent, another time and new adventures...we stand poised to begin the exploration of new shores of human consciousness similar to those explored by our ancestors as they discovered the New World. Let us know that this time we can do it without the aggression and violence that was born of duality and intolerance. This time, we can choose Oneness and Peace and Harmony. It is our Choice!:





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