Messages about communication

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > New Level Communication

I was trying to decide between several different names for this channel.  I finally came to this name because it describes it and leaves things open ended.

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Your Software is Your Path to New Communications

Some dilemmas in the next few days will not have comfortable 3D solutions. Such is so for a reason. It is unlikely you would explore your new personal software if it were not necessary. You have the best intentions – perhaps are even excited about using your new software. But your 3D life often requires more attention than you would like.

Pamela Kribbe

One of the reasons you wanted to be born on Earth at this time was for the promise of that spark to burst into a flame that is clearly visible to yourself and to others. The desire that brings you here is to form, in one way or another, a channel for the divine soul energy in yourself to be realized in this life on Earth.

Shelly Dressel

Goddess Light > Opening & Expanding Communication

There was a lot that took place during this channel! On August 8, 2012 there was a large portal that opened into the earth. As we began this journey, the Goddess spoke of some of the changes and that it’s affecting things on earth, the universe, the omniverse and the All That Is. While this new portal brought with it changes on many levels, one level is about communication.

Tony Samara

Tony Samara > Joyous Communication

“How can I honestly express myself when I fear that others will think less of me? How can I be true to my heart when I fear the reactions of the person that I would like to be able to be truthful to?"

Brenda Hoffman

Communication sharing is the piece you are opening this week. Will you be able to communicate with others without words? Yes and no. Even though you will continue to rely on your words for the present, you now have a method of communications that is more reliable than has been true in the past. All interactions are an exchange – whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Dr. Judith Orloff

With the recent dramatic global events unfolding in the Middle East, including Osama Bin Laden's death, I am more passionate than ever that peace begins within each of us, then emanates to the world. Our focus must be on inner peace, not on the frail "successes" that come from violence, no matter what they are. Love is the answer. As a psychiatrist, I know how essential it is for us to heal the violence within in order to heal violence around us.

Jamye Price

All can be accomplished with Excellent Communication. I think it is so cute how this LightBlast came through. ‘Excellent’ always seems so sweet to me, perhaps because Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a fun, campy staple of my college years; there was such a joyful innocence to that movie, yet a nice message (Be excellent to each other). Remember that courage from Allowing Another Within from last week? Well, it ain’t over yet! (Is bad grammar allowed in Excellent Communication? LOL!) Communication is a sharing. In its fullest sense, Excellent Communication entails complete honesty.

Brenda Hoffman

It is time to move to lesson 4 of your new tool kit. Some of you have practiced lessons 1, 2 and 3 with little or no problem. Others of you cannot  ”get it” and are extremely frustrated with yourselves. Please stop fretting. You are a unique individual. Have we not told you on several occasions that your educational system will undergo dramatic shifts as is true for all other institutions with which you are familiar?