Forgiveness, Compassion, Love and Joy

We are born into this world with the precious potential to realize and remember that we are a part of creation itself. Unlike our physical counterparts in the animal, mineral and plant kingdoms, our adventure on this planet comes with the gift of self-awareness. At birth, we begin a journey that can take us to the heights of conscious expansion and realization or draw our attention to the lowest common denominator of pure bodily expression. How we perceive, understand, choose and respond to our ever-present inner guidance, while engaging and navigating the suggestions and ideas of those around us, shapes our personal experience and collective potential. Each of us has the golden key within to decide in every moment what we wish to create and how we aspire to interact with life.

After cycles upon cycles of perpetuating the belief that somehow our human corporeal nature limits who we are, we are now rapidly reawakening to the simple fact that we are indeed magnificent and limitless beings – each and every one of us. Through our thoughts and feelings, we are capable of manifesting our heart’s desires and coalescing the substance from our earthly surroundings; graciously provided to us for our sustenance and wellbeing during our momentary pilgrimage upon this globe. Given our lengthy slumber of perceived separation from ourselves, it is amazing that we stand at the threshold of such a magical inner and outer transformation.

The challenge remaining before us is to heal and release the impression that somehow we are separate from our divine heritage. This flawed premise mires us in notions of doubt and fear, and although wholly an inner perception, we tend to focus our attention and interactions solely upon outer conditions. We learn to react to the many things around us rather than being proactive in our creative capacity, choosing our attitude within any experience. In this way, we allow our expressions and experiences to often take on an imbalance towards hatred, anger, apathy, and greed, for example, while our genuine and true nature of benevolence, kindness and a loving attitude with life takes on a secondary, diminished role.

We are the ones that are conscious within our own journey and it is up to us to embrace this opportunity to transform what has been into what can be. We begin with the wisdom of forgiveness both within and without. This conscious choice to forgive allows us to accept that, no matter what has happened in the past, we have a fresh choice on how we desire to experience life in this moment. Starting within, our willingness to forgive previous memories and experiences, whether related to direct and potentially traumatic events, or merely a recognition that what others may have taught or implied from their limited perspectives, combined with our own limited awareness at the time, no longer applies to our expanding truth and understanding.

The exquisite beauty of forgiveness is that it inspires our innate sense of compassion. As we continue to forgive without condition, our heart opens in greater measure. This translates into feelings of a deeper connection to a natural and expansive relationship with ourselves along with everyone and everything around us. This is the pure love at the core of our being finally able to express itself without condition or limitation, no longer hindered by the previous assumption of separation. With each new thought and rejuvenated feeling of possibility, our experiences begin to evolve into greater expressions of joy and the celebration of life itself.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker



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The Love Foundation

The Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole. 


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