Freedom to Love

We are born into this world with limitless potential, unbridled creativity and the capacity to love without measure.  Long before our first breath we are a part of something grand and have an infinite array of options before us.  Not only is our birth a miracle of amazing proportions, we continue to develop throughout life from that first cell with every option, path and possibility built right in.  Who and what we become is up to the choices we make over the span of our lifetime. 

The beauty of life is that we can always change our perspective.  We are free to choose what we wish to believe, and with courage, we can chart our own course in life.  It is true that many different ideas, circumstances and conditions can influence what direction we go in, yet none of them are absolute determiners of our journey – we are.  Many may attempt to dictate what we should think and feel in the present moment or suggest their limited notions for our future.  We know in the quiet recess of our inner sanctuary what we wish to create for ourselves.

Our incredible potential is in our ability to imagine a variety of different realities and our corresponding willpower to make them manifest for us.  It is our personal thoughts and feelings that we need to pay attention to, not just our outer reality.  Going within and connecting to our love and wisdom is how we learn to trust and believe in ourselves and our ability to create our dreams.  It is our freedom to love that can never be taken away from us.

In each breath we begin again. Every moment we are capable of a new thought, a fresh feeling of joy and a world filled with opportunities that know no limit or bounds.  These are the same choices we wish for everyone else as we understand the universal nature of our eternal bond with one another.  We know we are but a cell in the body of humanity with the potential to fulfill a collective dream too.  What we dream for ourselves we dream for our world.

Never underestimate your brilliance to make this a better world for yourself and all of us around you.

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souldancer 15th June 2009 11:31 am

Well put and important to remember as a variety of cultures and creeds seem to focused on preventing us from fully loving one and all.

A few of a thousand examples: the current chaos concerning who gets to live on what land and how that land is used; how we embrace or ignore the wisdom of our elders; same-sex marriage . . . what would you add to this list?

As we live the words printed here, our actions (or lack of actions) pave the way for full practice of a freedom to love.



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