Loving Ourselves

The most courageous act we can ever undertake is to love ourselves and life unconditionally. Each moment we have the opportunity to accept love and its perfection as our expression. Shedding the limitations of the ages, we can free ourselves to experience life as it was designed to be lived and by listening within and allowing our love to express naturally, we can claim our heritage and unfold our potential. We literally become a blazing light of truth radiating our inner strength and beauty.

Love from an unconditional standpoint, ensures the energy of life flows through us uninhibited and free of judgment and misqualification. We are the source of our joy, which reminds us we must cultivate the qualities of love to experience them. Each quality of love, like peace, harmony, trust, or wisdom, for example, comes from our inner awareness and is then expressed in our outer conscious activities. It is a focus of our attention upon the higher and more positive attributes that then become a part of who we are.

Loving ourselves is a continuous process, not a goal. Each day we can find greater ways to share the natural love that abides within our hearts. The momentary obstacles we encounter provide the opportunities to reach deeper and surge forth with the grace of love. Traumatic or delightful, each situation is for our growth and is there for our lesson and personal expansion of love.

For many people, the experiences of life consist of moments of joy coupled with waves of despair. The peaks and valleys form the terrain of their existence. They roll along one curve only to encounter another challenge around the bend. What would happen if we could smooth out some extremes and eventually remove them?

Life does not have to continue the way it has been in the past. We do not need to remain limited and filled with problems while simultaneously fearing and secretly hoping for an end to the process. Living a lie will always be more challenging than revealing the truth. The truth about life is we can fill it continuously with joy, happiness, harmony and love.

Unconditional love seeks to comfort, nurture, and enfold us with its mantle of peace. It wants to smooth out the bumps and even eliminate them when possible. The simple energy of love provides the majestic opportunity within. Accepting our divine nature, the angelic self, affords the transcendent view unto the heart of all creation. Our spiritual aspect, the Higher Self, knows and loves us unconditionally every moment and when we think and feel like our Higher Self, we mirror the reflection of love. Aligning ourselves to this truth, we capture the spirit of unconditional love.

The personality/ego tries to make the process of self love complicated. It continuously seeks examples of love in the outer world of form. It pursues and accumulates material things and experiences looking for some type of love to be engaged. These relationships with people or things are momentary meetings with aspects and reflections of the self. When they are agreeable, we perceive a closer experience of love. When difficulties arise, we tend to then question and judge the encounters and eventually attempt to discard them in order to avoid the pain associated with them.

The true self image is of unconditional love, yet we have believed the outer reality for so long we no longer embody the original spirit of love. The spark still remains as basic qualities of love that are the essential elements to all life. Kindness, honor, respect, faith, compassion, and service, are some examples of these qualities that often remain quiescent in the recesses of our heart. Surprisingly, every kingdom upon this planet upholds these virtues except humankind.

We, as the race of humanity, lost sight of the inherent good in each other and ourselves. Instead, we replaced our faith in love with fear, doubt, hatred, frustration, and anger. Of course, there is a reason for this shift. With the continued accumulation of human mistakes, generation upon generation, centuries passed with this discordant energy building. It should come as no surprise that without release through forgiveness, such an accumulation would be challenging for anyone to rise above. ...

... We are now in a generation and time where this process is changing. Many people are awakening to their greater powers of creation. We are witnessing the release of old beliefs and thought forms. The fantastic adventure upon this planet is tuning up to higher vibrations of love and self responsibility. Our Higher Self is guiding each of us to the power of unconditional love. Through conscious forgiveness and release, we are recognizing the limitations of the past and releasing them. In their place, we are filling ourselves with love of the highest nature. ...

... Loving ourselves begins with accepting ourselves right now. We must look at every vestige of limitation as a creation of past thoughts and feelings. As examples, whether it is a personal weight problem, inflated ego, mistaken activities, or engaging in angry and hateful events, we can release all of them. When we are ready and willing to do the work, release the baggage, and move on with life, we leap into the arms of our divine angelic selves. ...

... No one can ever do it for you. Loving the self is a personal commitment and a lifelong journey. Personal honesty is the foundation and patience is the primer. Believe in yourself enough to listen to your inner wisdom. Know what you know and be who you are. There are many who will come to your side and walk with you during times of need. Lovingly release anyone who discounts or attempts to stifle your growth and expansion. Sift through the old timeworn images and beliefs; retain the ones that still work for you and let go of the rest.

Always remember, your Higher Self is guiding and waiting patiently. This angel self, the true you, will illumine the dark passages and remind you what unconditional love really is. Turn to your inner self and ask questions. Pay attention and listen carefully to what comes to you upon your path. Use forgiveness and release the past to its own time and experience. Love with all of your energy and it will shine back upon you with its radiant splendor.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker

Excerpted from Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being


ShelleyT 23rd April 2015 8:35 am

Thank you. Very concise, very accurate....blessings


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