The Grace of Unconditional Love

It is usually during times where we face the greatest challenges in life that we also create the most beautiful opportunities.  These are the moments where we often initially feel the intense sense of helplessness or hopelessness, fear and doubt.  Yet, when we are fortunate to be aware of the present now moment, remember to take a deep breath, release our attachment to the challenge and the outcome, and allow unconditional love as our perspective – we experience grace.

When challenges loom large and threatening, our first response is typically one of a reactive role towards some outer condition, person or thing.  We look at the screen of life and assume it as our true reality wholly forgetting our inner presence and creative potential in the moment.  If we continue to remain in this narrow point of view, we take on the energy and become victims of circumstance.      

These moments are the reminder that we can go within and realize what is really happening: we are facing our limited thoughts and feelings that at some point we allowed to become a part of our consciousness.  Because we allowed these fractional notions in, they are adding to our limited view of life instead of understanding the bigger picture… and there is always a bigger picture.

Unconditional love is this grander reality.  When we fully embrace and accept our selves and our choices, know our infinite ability to imagine something new, and give our heart a chance to express the wisdom of the ages, we invite the grace that is always present to be a part of our experience.

We are more than our material surroundings, things, beliefs, titles, relationships and communities.  We are vast, creative multidimensional beings with enormous potential, deep compassion, and incredible courage and strength.  Thinking with our heart, we bring hope, help, caring, knowing, unity and solutions.  Sharing this journey with each other, we reveal a new potential that includes the best for all.  This is the grace of unconditional love.

Embrace and celebrate the moments of challenge for they simply point the way to our heart, where a brighter future filled with unlimited possibility awaits.

Love, light and peace,
Harold W. Becker

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