Transforming the Heart of Humanity

The awakening of our heart is leading us to question our methods, beliefs and long-held structures based in a dated notion of separation from all that is. A burgeoning and amazingly diverse global population, coupled with a precipitous realization of our resulting human impact upon our earth and her peoples, is compelling a dialogue and internal investigation that promises to shift our lives to their core. Through this transformative process, we are initiating an era of peace – both within ourselves and around the world.

To achieve a collective experience of local and global peace, it is imperative that we understand who we are on the deepest personal level. Without a recognition and discovery of our worth and universal nature as empowered creative beings, we are destined to remain in the illusion and false sense of separation from each other and ourselves. Self-awareness is the beginning point that propels us forward towards a peaceful global culture that is cultivated within our own being by balancing the creative expression of our heart and the practical application of our mind.

Within the past few decades, our advancing awareness of one another as fellow humans is growing exponentially, both in our own evolving consciousness and in technology, which is encouraging and amplifying this connection with one another. What was normally a focus on local levels to address the needs of our immediate community, we are suddenly expanding to a global realization that we are all one family intricately intertwined with each other and our planetary environment. Division and separation are transforming into borderless recognition of unity. Gone are the days where we could consciously declare one better than the other, or that somehow what happens around the world does not affect us personally. We are equally becoming aware of the many disruptive and detrimental qualities we are placing on our environment.

Even though this shift has been underway for some time, the recent advent of technology, advances of science, and explosion of information, have converged and accelerated our current potential. Together, they combine to reveal a vast new arena of universal oneness. It is also opening something unexpected: our collective hearts. What peace and love-based visionaries already know is finding its way into the core population - we must think with our hearts and feel with our minds if we are to evolve and endure as a race of people.

We have always been a collective humanity; however, it is particularly fascinating that science and technology are igniting this outer remembering since we do not often associate science and materialism with issues of the heart. How has it managed to do this? By improving the spontaneous sharing of information, social connections and resources, which awakened us to the plight and challenges we face universally. Images, pictures, news, art, culture, language, and customs are a few of the universally and, in many cases, instantly available resources and understandings literally at our fingertips.

Collaboration is swiftly becoming the norm as it replaces the outdated competitive perspective. By recognizing our shared ability to affect positive change on an individual and group level, we are allowing the creative stimulus of collective problem solving to occur in quick form rather than stifling our progress by the competitive control of resources and ideas that has been the approach of the past.

In order to create collaborative solutions to address the problems we face as individuals and society, it is necessary to be conscious of each other as our planetary brothers and sisters. We are all in this together and through helping, teaching and encouraging each other, we translate our local efforts into actions on a grand scale that incorporate a broader understanding that every choice we make is having an impact on all. A collaborative global family promises to bring a new harmony to humanity and it is our privilege to be its present-day participants and prospective architects.

Love and hugs,
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President



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The Love Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our vision is to assist people by building a practical foundation and understanding of unconditional love within individuals and society as a whole. 


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