Acceptance Is The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is to learn acceptance of others and to acknowledge their life path as their own energetic domain. Unconditional love is part of acceptance but it is not an emotional state, it is an energetic one. To be able to love unconditionally requires the state of complete non-judgment and that is acceptance. Any form of judgment is an expression of fear and limitation, based on the karmic energies and soul cycles of the past. To achieve acceptance you must know your own heart, be clear about your intention and aligned with your own energy, and then you can accept others actions based on alignment and not on emotions. Any misaligned connections that recall emotions are your lessons to help you achieve acceptance. And that is the purpose of life.

The karmic cycles of soul groups are built on judgments of others and how their actions impact you. While you believe that others deliberately create pain and suffering in your life, your pain is a response based on your expectations and desire to be loved by those who cannot love you. The lessons in loving and acceptance that you extend to others are a reflection of your need to know you can be valued and you choose the person for whom this requires the greatest amount of effort. This is an alignment with your broken, unhealed, damaged emotional heart, not your divine heart, and it creates more pain, karma, and a new lesson in acceptance.

To embrace others’ paths as their own journey and to resist the temptation to judge them when they do not act as you think they should, or do what you think is right and best for you, is humanity’s most difficult lesson. You can avoid lessons in acceptance by being aligned with your intentions for the peace, joy, love, and abundance you want in your life, and being in a total state of self-love. Lessons in non-acceptance by others, who act in non-loving ways towards you, reflect your own lack of self love.

Within the polarity of the 3D space, judgment is the opposite of acceptance; within the integrated 5D duality you are creating, acceptance is the only energy, there is no opposite. Being aligned within your own energetic being, moving from healing to wholeness to energetic congruence, is part of your ascension journey. As you acknowledge and accept others, you complete your own healing cycles and can move into alignment with your multi-dimensional aspects. Any pain, anger, regret, or sadness you feel around others is confirmation that there is an acceptance lesson for you to complete before you can ascend into multi-dimensional being. When you are in a state of acceptance you can choose your connections based on the highest frequencies and vibrations because you no longer require reminders to resist judgment of others based on your needs, or that you lack self love, which is also self acceptance.

This is humanity’s purpose and the purpose of each lifetime, to embrace acceptance as the new energetic paradigm, the multi-dimensional path on which there is no judgment, so there is no fear, anger, or hatred, only peace, love, and joy. This is the time you have chosen to end karmic cycles, as this is the time you have chosen to allow full ascension to occur. And to fully ascend, humanity must learn acceptance and then practice it within every situation and with everyone, and when there is no judgment, there will be no more reason for chaos and fear, no more place for polarity to exist, and the new multi-dimensional integration of 3D with 5D, which is ascension, can be completed.



nikos.v.2 21st July 2016 8:13 am

Many '100% this is true' --s here.

cyndy 21st July 2016 11:29 am

Oh yes. These are the words to what I am experiencing , sensing, practicing, refining. It is the 100% at this juncture.
My heart opens wide as I feel the possibilities of this acceptance as to be a huge power of transformation for our new human experience , new world.
Amazing to be in this time of full ascension WHILE embodied.

zorro 24th July 2016 3:17 am

"This is the time you have chosen to end karmic cycles, as this is the time you have chosen to allow full ascension to occur. " = ATTITUDES

"...and when there is no judgment, there will be no more reason for chaos and fear, no more place for polarity to exist, and the new multi-dimensional integration of 3D with 5D, which is ascension, can be completed." = LATITUDES


Ah, changes are takin'
The pace I'm goin' through
Ooh, Look out you Rock in' Rollers

zorro 24th July 2016 7:30 am

Just when the caterpillar thought "The world is ending!", it turned into a butterfly.

cyndy 24th July 2016 12:12 pm

On the summer equinox I took part in a channel and process, a planetary event "working" with Gaia. While there were several areas where "new" strands were being added to the collective; one of them in particular captured my full attention. It was perception. I think of judgment as one kind of perception.
In the collective there are lots of ways we perceive. Now we could begin to move into a collective synchronization so consciousness can be more receptive rather then determining what reality is.
Consciousness willing to be informed. The perceptual field trying to awake our living wisdom.
We would start to sync perceptions and yet keep our individuation. -Lightsmith
I hope I conveyed that in a resonating fashion as I just tried to put it in a nutshell to post here.
It does seem like we've been cracking a lot of nuts to get to the meat of the problem(s).

nikos.v.2 27th July 2016 6:28 am

"The eyes of the man can perform two functions. One is seeing energy as it flows into the universe and the other is looking at things in this world". Neither of these function s is better than the other however to train the eyes only to look is a shameful and unnecessary loss"

Old sorceric quote. I wouldn't use the word shameful and it was translated differently into my greek book, I would assume the same mistreatment happened form Spanish to English too. Heh...

Thant's for you Cyndy

(For what is worth)

nikos.v.2 27th July 2016 6:33 am

I think translators are doing a great job; especially when it comes to a vastly different language to your own.

A translator must fit his job and translating wholeheartedly let's say, or open-mindedely. In alignment with the context's intent and so on .........

nikos.v.2 27th July 2016 7:00 am


to a vastly different language to your own.*...of their own.*


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