Twin Flame Healing and Reconnection

Your soul contracts involve healing and closure, release from lifetimes of karma through forgiveness. When you engage in an experience whose purpose is to provide healing it is with someone with whom you have a strong soul connection. At this time this is experienced with twin flame relationships, souls you once incarnated with and separated from at the beginning of time and who you have tried to rejoin with through many lifetimes. At one time you each took different paths and now you have reconnected to choose, to be together or to continue on separate journeys. You are meant to be together for this moment but how each of you chooses determines whether there will be a reconnection or a final separation.
Each soul chooses the path for its journey to the Light. Some choose the shorter path, others choose a much longer one. With your twin flame your soul desire may be to create healing and to reconnect but their choice may be different. And within this process is your memory of the many lifetimes you have come together to create this opportunity. In each lifetime you prepare for your meeting and extend healing and reconnection but they take another path. So you promise to try again, in a later lifetime. Their healing journey is incomplete and they require more lifetimes, more experiences and more opportunities to accept healing and reconnection.
You may remember lifetimes where you have presented these opportunities to reconnect on a soul level. Your emotional memory recalls the pain and disappointment and the hope that the next lifetime will be different. You create every opportunity to stay together because you wish for the emotional fulfillment you seek on a human level and the closure and reconnection you seek on a soul level. While you believe that your twin flame is the only one who can provide this healing, you are at a new vibration and can invite a new twin flame to share your journey with you, releasing the other to follow their own path.
You have had many lifetimes with your twin flames, all of them opportunities for reconnection. With each of these journeys you promise each other to return to complete the cycle but this does not mean that you will reconnect and move forward together. When you raise your vibrations you are on a new path to the Light and to wholeness. Your twin flame may join you, or not. You can find the emotional and spiritual wholeness within yourself and create new soul contracts with a twin flame who matches your vibration. Give yourself the gift of healing and closure, allow others to complete their healing journey and allow yourself to find the joy and fulfillment you desire with one who is willing to share that journey with you.


Matthias 15th December 2008 10:02 am

Am I to understand that there is a Twin Flame for each vibration? I was under the impression that there was but one Twin Flame for each of us - hence the term "Twin". But if there is one for each new vibration...
I am going to have to ponder this new information.

k 15th December 2008 2:04 pm

Then sometimes a person understands that the desired love can not come from a human, humans do not have the capascity for great love and the path has to be walked alone with God's love, nature and animals to fill the space. I am not afraid to walk alone now and I do not desire a Twin Flame. I just really prefer to be alone, and that is great.

Iesha 15th December 2008 4:28 pm

I feel this information was written for me as this is the very situation I have brought to me, to go on or keep waiting for twin flame I met several years ago. Today was 1st day in quite some time I felt truly excited, filled with creative thoughts so I AM overjoyed to have confirmed that old contracts are being filled and we are either coming together or moving on. What a thrill when I get to this channeling and I know it is for me it resonates with all my feelings the past few weeks and now days. Thank you Jennifer!

maletwinsoul 9th May 2010 4:11 pm

I am with my twin soul, a lovely woman with whom we've had hard times as recently as a month ago. I know healing takes time, but I'm wondering whether our relationship can be saved in the meantime. I'm quite concerned about this, as I don't want to split up, but I also don't want to hold my wife back.

What should be the appropriate course of action for me?

-- KJM

Mal 18th August 2010 3:30 pm

first of all I'd like to say that m really happy to know that there are people believing in spirit world. I have also met my twin soul, and we are currently trying to grow spiritually as we are in separation by not only distance but also culture and earthy traditions. We are not meant to be a couple here in this life, and this causes pain, but also brings happiness knowing that we are one and always will be. And what God gave us in this life is to help us grow spiritually and improve our souls through hardships of this life. I love my twin soul no matter what

leeweaver01 8th June 2012 11:19 am

Twin Flames do have to clear years and years of past life karma. No only earth karma, astral karma as well. Now the interesting part of this is, duality.

Twin Flames will not reconnect till the time is right. It all depends what lessons you have both chosen to learn before you reconnect.

Trial and Seperation is the key to it. Until all past life astral life karma has been cleared. You will find it difficult to reconnect.

And it does get highly karmic.

There must be no karma at all between you both.

Betty70 6th August 2012 8:57 am

I believe my karma is being too frivalous in a past life; why I have been a lone parent, scraping for every penny for 15 years and why I feel guilt if I (rarely) buy something I would consider a luxury, that others would buy without thought; this has made me quite humble in my current lifetime and more giving to others. I have tried harder than most to show compassion, empathy and love to all soul mates and have chosen a vocation which is more about soul than financial reward.

My Twin's karma is to let go of ego (the biggy). He had an up-bringing where control was the norm and an adulthood where disloyalty and infidelity hurt him time after time :o , starting with his mother. The result is that, whilst he recognises our connection and knows I'm "beautiful inside and out" and "perfect in his eyes" (his words) and can see my soul when he looks into my eyes, he could not accept it and just believed me "too good to be true".

So I guess I agreed to show him unconditional love for the first time, so that he could let go of ego and be humbled by it!


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