Abraham-Hicks: A New Paradigm

Excerpted from the DVD "The Autistic Revolution: Children In the Time of Awakening" from Abraham-Hicks Publications.

In this presentation, Abraham addresses several questions about autism from parents and a behavioral scientist, and then reveals the surprising role that autistic children play at this unique time in Earth history. In doing so, Abraham gives their most complete explanation yet of their perspective on raising children, and shares their unique insight into the planetary Awakening now taking place around us.



Spirit Mender 16th July 2009 7:54 am

Ester Thank you so very much for your offering to this planet This is a awesome time for us because for so long we were alone in our belief. But now the questions are being ask and the answer are making know to whom ever is asking. Again thank you very much for you gift I tell eveyone about you to get your books cd and whatever else you offer because to hear your sound is necessary I have an Autistic grandson and when I put you on he comes to where the sound is and stays there and moves itnot my arms to feel your offering he is so happy and has so much to give he enjoys all music he loves Autum Rose it is beautiful if you get a chance Ernesto ? anyway than you again for being there.

Spirit Mender 16th July 2009 7:57 am

Thank you than you Ester I have been doing this offering from my beginning and did not want to do it in front of a audience so I have been sharing one at a time for 60 years. now it is easier because we never really have to meet face to face we can close our eyes and be absorbed into the universe to share what we have to say. i talk to people all over the world have been all over the world by invitation and the one on one is and was awesome but now I can get on the net and share with whom ever isout there with a offering also to me. Keep up the great offering becuase it is not work that you offer it is love from the planet to us and all of us thank you Jesi muse4hire@live.com

edalarconreal 13th August 2009 9:57 am

wow what a beautiful message! Thank you Abraham. It touched my heart. My sister could communicate love and affection like it was a hurricane. Most of the times, it was hard for me to figure out what she wanted to say to me besides her expressions of love, since she was never able to talk. In the last couple of years of her life, I learned to look at her eyes and I could feel what she wanted to tell me. I could feel her gratefulness, her happiness that I could feel what she felt, her pain when she had one, and more important godness in her. I love her with all my heart and thank the creator for giving me an opportunity to experience pure love to the highest expression.
love & light,

RebeccaNoelle 21st September 2009 1:14 pm

wonderful, thank you. powerful.
I live in Germany and in a village where there is a large home for the mentally (and often physically) handicapped, and appreciate them so very much. A friend of mine is making discoveries with them similar to those the questioner mentioned in the video -- she works as music therapist and is so often exceedingly blessed by her charges.
It would be very nice to share this with her!!! Is it available in German anywhere?? :)