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Video > Tuning into Love and a Gaze

Enjoy a brief discussion on how to tune into love and easily ask the angels for help to recalibrate your energy. Then enjoy a life gaze (energy transmission) to help you feel the love!

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Video > The universe answers every request... & How I Beat the Flu in 2 days!

The universe immediately begins to answer every request! A few weeks ago I asked for more mastery over my body and got both a path to get there, and a good challenge to see how I was doing. Enjoy this talk and a live gaze!

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Video > Ann Albers MIni Meditation - Calming Anxiety

Enjoy a brief meditation to help calm the adrenals and add more peace to your day.

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Video > Ann Albers Mini Meditation - Peace and Power up

Use this mini-meditation to quickly create mental and emotional peace, and to physically energize yourself. Quick and easy, but effective!

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