March 2021 Ascension Report

Hallo Friends,

And so the Spring Solstice on Saturday 20th March is with us again, heralding new beginnings and a release from the chains and confines of winter and lockdown. The February new Moon had six planets in Aquarius, so the window of opportunity and freedom opened a crack then.  The Spring Solstice this month enables us to open wide the window to the new.

After so much of the world has been purified this winter through snow and floods this indicates a time of respite for us.  Let’s enjoy it while we can!

With love and joy,


Texas and snow. why?

My heart goes out to the people of Texas.  What a terrible ordeal they have gone through.  No electricity with all that means, and sub-zero temperatures in houses not designed to withstand the cold, let alone frozen pipes.  And then water that was not drinkable.  I can’t imagine how horrific it was for many people.

And while Texas was undergoing their crisis, according to the BBC, 73% of the United States was under snow at that time.  Even in the UK there has been snow over much of the country.

This winter Archangel Gabriel, who is always present when there is snow, decreed that Texas and much of the US needed to be purified so snow fell in places that had never seen it before.  There were so many other lessons too.  In times of crisis people come together to support each other.  Furthermore when people in first world countries are without electricity or clean water they start to appreciate what it is like for people who have never had those luxuries.  It is hoped that compassion will spread into action. 

I was remembering how, after the war in 1947, when the UK was on its knees, people were thin and undernourished after years of deprivation – and then we had the coldest winter when the Thames froze over.  I used to wonder why there was no compassion from the angelic realms.  But of course, they work according to spiritual law.  And the top priority was purification after the war.

The new moon on February 11th with six planets in Aquarius was another step into the new energies of community, togetherness and working for the higher good.  It is so interesting how many people I have met who have taken new decisions since that date.  Things are moving onward and upward.




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