August 2016 - Light Language DNA Activation with Jamye Price

This is a fascinating time. On an energetic level, there is great change anchoring. On the physical or collective level, it can seem as if not much is changing for the better. But it is happening.



Janie Sindall 6th August 2016 12:43 am

This is beautiful....Thank you, Jamye! I have been speaking such a language since I was a child...though I did not know what it was until recently when a friend directed me to Judy Satori's work! Before...many years ago...when I had the courage to ask a wise priest about it...he told me that it was a language of blessing...and not to worry about it! And it amazes me, now at the age of the jigsaw pieces of my existence seem to be coming together! In my little meditation room, I have pictures all around me of big cats....and especially lions!! So this 'Lion 's Gate Portal' we are all, for me, the biggest jigsaw piece of all! And it fills me with WONDER! :)

I hope one day, to meet you :)