March 2020 Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation

March has the feel of a deep inner change. Like the seed bursting through its shell, yet not above ground. Stretching into a new environment of the unknown, the unclear; yet supportive and nurturing in a new way – though certainly the change can be uncomfortable at times.

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nallahtebazile 29th February 2020 10:10 pm

As a female raised in the "don't rock the boat or question authority" era, finding my voice and speaking more of my truth has been a challenge. So, when you said March brings more of an opportunity to do just this. my heart sang a little. How exciting! I want to flow my authentic voice and free up all that has been stuffed down in order to go along to get along or be liked, approved of or place other's feelings first. Here's to 2020.