What is Love? - Morning Conversations with Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

What is Love? Love is vastly misunderstood. In the fifth dimension, it is: I love me when I love you. And it’s not easy to get there from here. You have to get rid of your baggage. 



Toni 13th February 2019 4:26 pm

Best explanation of Love I've heard yet...from philia, agape & eros all the way to the vesica pisces. Awesome. Matching pictures is what I call the rose coloured glasses phase.

Love isn't controllable...as soon as we attempt to control love we've stepped into fear. I like how you call fear false evidence appearing real. It is indeed.

Yes I've also noticed when I recognise the fear in the moment it loses its charge & I can guide myself back to the love space that creates laughter beauty & happy heart.