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Video > December 2019 Energy Forecast - Awaken to New Possibilities

What a spectacular ending to the year! December is here!

Yes, we're wrapping up a decade. The Universe is making sure you do that in style!

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Video > Thrive in the Holidays - Intuitive Guidance with Numerology

You can thrive during the holidays an empath!

The holidays are upon us! Yes, that can mean much merriment. It can also feel stressful and overwhelming.

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Video > Numerology and Your Soul Purpose

Numerology is a tool for deciphering your destiny. Your soul chose your circumstances before you were born. Those aspects are known as your fate. What choices you make with your circumstances decided your destiny.

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Video > November 2019 Energy Forecast - Radical Change

November is going to be a life-changing month.

Scorpio season is here. You most likely are feeling it. Emotional intensity is in the air.

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Video > October 2019 Energy Forecast - Rekindle Your Passions

October is Libra season! Libra is relationship and personal passions oriented. You can expect to be working on lessons that help you find balance between those you love and the things that are most important to you.

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Video > September Energy Forecast – Heal Your Body And Soul

Spectacular September is here!

September is a double 3 month. Joyful, creative 3 energy will be exponential since 2019 is a 3 Universal Year.

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Video > Intuition for Empaths with Alexis Saloutos (chakra energy readings)

Do you want to learn more about your intuition? Your body is picking up intuitive information every moment. You can learn how to interpret this intuitive information through your chakras.

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Video > June 2019 Astrology & Numerology Forecast – Shift Into Higher Consciousness

Joyful June is here! What a month this will be! June is a month for you to prepare emotionally, spiritually, and mentally for extraordinary changes ahead.

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Video > Spirit Guide Meditation - Manifest Your Dreams

This Spirit Guide guided meditation is designed to help you manifest your heart's desires, and live the life your soul intended. Connect with your Spirit Guide for healing, protection and love.

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Video > May 2019 Astrology & Numerology Forecast – Passion and Prosperity

Passion, Purpose and Prosperity Abound! After all the soul searching of last month, now is a time of action. May’s energy teaches you to pursue your passions and enjoy life.

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