2020 Energy Forecast: A Year to Build Your Dreams

Happy 2020!!

Woo-hoo!!!! You’re going to totally rock this new decade!⁠ The astrology and numerology for 2020 tell quite a story! ⁠

Before you forecast your future for 2020, take stock of how amazing you are.

If you look back at your life this year, you can marvel at how much you’ve grown!⁠

You’ve only just begun….⁠

2020 will transform your life at the core.

Everything you’ve done now has been training you for the transformation.⁠

You can feel more fulfilled, aligned, strong, and supported.⁠

The world is yours to claim it.⁠

Our new decade ushers a time of rapid transformation.

The foundations you create now you will build upon for years to come.

2020 begins with a soul-expanding Full Moon eclipse. Soon after, there is a cosmic conjunction on January 12th – the likes of which we haven’t seen for 700 years!

This is setting the stage for a rebuilding of every aspect of your life.

In this forecast, I share with you how this year is a karmic-cleansing year of growth and change.

You’ll learn your four keys to happiness and success for 2020 and beyond.