August 2021 Astrology Forecast - 8:8 Lion's Gate (An Abundance of Possibilities!)

August astrology brings an abundance of possibilities!

August 8th is known as the 8:8 Lion's Gate portal. On that powerful day, we will have our New Moon in Leo.

This is also a Blue Moon month! On August 22nd we have our second Full Moon in Aquarius.

These powerful Moons are teaching you to shine your light and believe in yourself. When you share your unique gifts with the world, you benefit the greater good.

This is what Leo and Aquarius are teaching us.

In numerology, August 2021 is a 4 Universal Month (8+2+0+2+1 = 13, and 1+3 = 4). 4 and 8 combined are very powerful for manifesting your heart's desires. They are numbers of material rewards and abundance.

We also have five planets in retrograde, so things can feel tricky to navigate.

In this astrology forecast, I share with you the three essential steps to creating a prosperous happy future!