July 2022 Astrology Forecast - Love and Karmic Lessons

July astrology brings the fireworks.

It's a month full of passion, love, and many life lessons.

In numerology, July 2022 is a 13/4 Universal Monthh (7 +2+0+2+2 = 13).

13 is a Karmic Number, so the love lessons you'll experience won't necessarily be easy. When this number is activated, you need to go within to find your inner strength.

You are remembering how to love yourself and your life. You may need to let go of people or circumstances so you can make space for more joy and fulfillment.

With our Sun in Cancer until July 22, you may be reflecting on what home and security mean to you. Cancer is a water sign connecting you with your deepest memories and emotional roots.

Prepare to change course this month, and take the path less traveled.

There's so many shifts for you on the horizon. In this month's forecast. I share the three essential steps you can take to nourish your soul.

Have a beautiful month!