Soulful Intentions - How to Fulfill Your Life's Purpose

Do you want to live your calling instead of just work?

Living your calling means that you are expressing the gifts your soul intended.

You are meant to do more than just have a career.

You came to this planet for a reason.

Ask yourself, "What is it that when I MUST do before I leave this planet?"

This is more than your bucket list of places you need to travel. I'm talking about your unique way of making the world more beautiful.

In this video I share with you:

* Why you are ready NOW to share your gifts and stop second-guessing yourself

* Insights into your soul's plan before you are born

* How to discern your soul's intention rather than your ego

* The steps you can take to turn your calling into a prosperous career

I guide you through a powerful meditation with your Higher Self to tune into your soul.

You will connect with your intuition and elevate your energy so you can gain clarity and healing.

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Barbs2 23rd July 2020 7:25 pm

I loved your video and all of its content....I have reached the age of 80 and have had success in helping others with their issues. I live in High country but would love to return to the ocean areas where I can breathe better as I have copd. I love to help others its the best payment there is. The idea of moving which challenging at my age, packing up and moving would require financial assistance. I have had a very difficult personal life which taught me a lot. Alternatively I have had people say they are so glad I came into their lives and changed things for the better for them with advice which is given to me for them. I am accurate, sometimes scarily so. I am sometimes offered an explantion that gives the person asking an opportunity to work it out for themselves by interpreting what is said as it is private to them. I am looking to see which door opens that allows me to walk through. I am connected. Thank you for your teaching.