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Video > Healing Wednesday - Guest Eric Pearl - Ep. 001

Welcome to the first of many Kryon Healing Wednesdays and the Circle of 12. This is the first episode and features a wonderful healer today - Dr Eric Pearl.

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Video > Kryon Audio: How Does God See You? - 2019-003

Kryon gives us a short visualization about how God sees us. You’re in a room, alone, sitting in a chair. A light comes and shines on you, brighter than the sun. What does God see?

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Video > Kryon Audio: Parable of the Back Yard - 2019-002

Boulder, Colorado – January 11, 2018. Kryon gives a parable about Wo and his backyard. The backyard represents the inner child of Wo, the rats represent the ugly challenges in life, the snakes represent the fear of something you can’t fix, the big shift was an earthquake, pruning the tree.

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Video > Kryon Audio: The Choice - 2019-001

Boulder, Colorado – January 11, 2019. Kryon says we are in a new energy. 2019 will be an interesting year. It is a catalytic year and in the Field, there are things, potentially, that may be surprising.

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Video > Taking the Hand of Spirit - Instructions for the Old Soul in the New Energy

This video carries an excerpt of the full audio message from Kryon. The channeling took place during the Kryon Cruise 11 over the waters of Hawaii on Friday, August 17, 2012

The text have been edited for purpose of creating this video. However, the essence of the message remains intact.

For the full audio message from Kryon - Instructions for the Old Soul in the New Energy

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Video > Claim the Mastery - a message from Kryon, July 8, 2012

Out of the four questions raised by the audience, this question: What can we do to help clean the planet? resonates with me the most. And I felt drawn to share it in this video. 

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