April 2020 Energy Update: Major Awakening Energy

As I was delivering the April Energy Update, the following themes and focus points for this extraordinary time emerged:

+Major Awakening Energy - There is an expanded energy range right now between Fear and Love. Feeling Weird ‘at times’ is NORMAL.

+Life Review and Connections

+Ancestral Issues and Memories

+Deepening Self Trust

+You Are Reorganising

+Fear Will Cut You Off from your spirit and your soul - remember to stay PRESENT.

+Focus on the Small Tasks


+Shaking off Old Ways of Being, Feeling and Doing.

+Innovation and Creativity is on the rise.

+Rise of the Human Spirit - we will see a huge rise of the human spirit over the next 1-2 years that is being seeded and developed right now in this quarantine time.

+There is MORE TO ALL OF THIS than meets the eye - bigger than a virus, and we will learn that in time.

If in Shock and Grief - Refer to Mid March #Coronavirus Energy Update

Thanks for tuning in, remember to be good to yourselves - always, but especially right now.

Big love,






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Lee Harris

Lee Harris

Lee is a healer and energy teacher who, since 2004, has combined his gifts as a channeler, psychic and emotional intuitive to empower people to breakthrough their limitations and awaken to their greater selves. Lee's work is about seeing, feeling and working with the energy and consciousness present in everything, while grounding and balancing your developing sensitivity.


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