Energies for October...and beyond.

I am receiving many emails from very frightened people at the moment due to the increasing fear of the collapse of the economy, the state of the political structure and the worries over martial law being declared.

Many people are also concerned about the predicted heightened energies surrounding the coming month of October. Many have feelings of impending doom or the feeling that something big is about to happen

Whilst I apologise for not being able to answer each email individually I have presented these concerns to the Nine for their response.


Dear Pixie

We can confirm a heightened state of fear, concern, panic and worry on your planet currently. However these frequencies have little hold within your planetary grid and are in the process of being transmuted and dissolved...

For we can also confirm a huge increase in positivity, joy, love, abundance, connectedness and dimensional movement. These frequencies are firmly anchored within the planetary grid and these are the frequencies that transmute and dissolve their opposite.

We can confirm, as we have done so before, that for as much darkness and fear there is - the light comes into match that and indeed overshadow it.

We realise it is difficult to see one thing in the world with your own eyes and to hear things with your own ears and yet to be told the opposite from unseen energies such as we are who claim to be light beings who see from a higher dimensional perspective.

We know that we cannot make you believe our words as opposed to that which you see on your television screens.

What we can do is point you in the direction of those whom you can trust above all else- this is your connection to the light and to the higher self aspect and therefore to the divine source. Each and every one of you have the ability to make this connection and
it is that which you learn from your inner connection that shall carry you through these times on your Earth now.

"Difficult times ahead" have been predicted for many of your earth years from various sources. These "difficult times" are here now...but within these "difficult times" is an abundance of ever increasing love and light that has never been seen on your planet before. Even in the times of the ancients was there the light you now have. There are many who during these "difficult times" are experiencing the happiest times of this incarnation and indeed of all their incarnations....for "difficult times" are only experienced as "difficult" by those who believe them to be so....when "difficult times" is replaced with "times of change" or indeed "wonderful times" those that believe these statements to be true, as indeed they are, shall experience just that.

Whilst we have said before "there are no saviours" and that the saviours are yourselves....

There are teachers, helpers, healers, lightworkers and wayshowers.

If you hear these words and resonate within then YOU are that teacher, helper, healer, lightworker and wayshower....

It is therefore YOU that shall lead others to a place of protectedness, connectedness and abundance - it is you that shall shape the future of your wonderful planet for your descendants to incarnate here and enjoy all you shall have created for them........

The month of October brings much change-and this is really the best way to describe it...for what seems like a highly negative situation shall birth such unity, togetherness and love leading to democracy, fairness and soul family recognition and reunion.

Structures based on corruption, greed, control, jealousy and fear cannot sustain within the new energies.

We realise that which is to be feared can be seen with your eyes - but that which is to be embraced with love can be felt with your hearts.

The light is invisible to some-but when you ask for it, embrace it, live it and exude it from your very being you shall then see it, feel
it, know it and shall share it with others. Be unshakeable with your truth-others will wonder why you are so strong? Then they will question their fears-when they see others also as strong...walking in knowing...walking in bliss...

This is the job of the wayshowers & lightworkers and over the coming months you shall be needed to live that which you know.

The time for the light has come, the time for freedom has come, the time for YOU has come.

October is a month of great change-a month where blocks of darkness shall be transmuted and dissolved-then there shall be a period of cleansing where the old shall be replaced with the new. This shall co-incide with a mass period of awakening to the truth.

At last humanity shall see that which has been kept from them-and we tell you again

Any structure or system based on darkness and constructed with fear, corruption, greed, envy, control and service-to-self CANNOT SUSTAIN WITHIN FIFTH DIMENSIONAL ENERGIES.

The more "love" you feel-the more connectedness with light and merging with the higher self counterpart that you embrace-the more you anchor fifth dimensional energies on Earth and the more the systems of darkness shall fall.






Jodi 28th September 2008 8:18 am

Thank you for this great and positive affirmation of truth.....so worth while to hear and keep one inline with what we inwardly know.

SoniaM DeOliveira 28th September 2008 8:33 am

Oh, so splendid in every way the video and the Loving Truth spoken...I feel a presence right here with me as I listen to your most enlightened words...I am so deeply grateful for every Godly News...with Love.

Pam 28th September 2008 9:19 am

Thank you for restoring the balance. It seems so many have hopped on the "it's gonna be awful train." It's nice to hear someone speaking form the Light side.

grace 28th September 2008 12:56 pm

Thank you so much for this reassuring message! Just what I need now to take that next step forward. Blessings.

Philip Dancing Wolf 28th September 2008 6:09 pm

This is such wisdom and truth for the heart to embrace. We must all commit to sending our light unto the Mother, so that she can in turn heal Herself and all of her many and sacred aspects, of which we all are, in part.
Stay clear of Fear, and you will not own it, nor any of its aspects, but will infact cancel it out with your unending light/Love as you radiate out into all that is, and all that will become. See and be the change we all want to create and KNOW that it is already so.

Namaste, Philip Dancing Wolf

Ron L. 28th September 2008 9:21 pm

Wow! What an awesome message! Here I am, playing a bamboo flute that I made, while reading your comments for "the fear" in October. As an astrologer, I am very aware of changes coming - not only in October - but further, deeper changes that are scheduled to occur during November, December, and beyond into 2009. In fact, I talk about these same subjects so much that I even dream about them. It was from a dream I had back in April that I was intimately aware of the impending social, financial change we are experiencing.

I just recently "discovered" this wonderful web-site from a friend. Your message is needed. Blessings, Ron. "We are the people we've been waiting for." - the Hopi elders.


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