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Video > The Pleiadians: Let Your Stellar Light Shine Pt 1

The Pleiadians: Let Your Stellar Light Shine Pt 1  is a channeled message from the Pleiadians by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan. Photos by Julie Coningham

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Video > Warriors of the Rainbow

This video is an updated version of the original video. It is a story and legend from the Native Americans about the Tribe of People that will rise to save the Earth

Music: Enigma, Gravity of Love
Text: Freely adapted from Cree and Hopi prophecy, excerpts from Standing Bear Speaks
Graphics: digi_art Fantasy
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Video > Judith Orloff: Dealing with a "Victim": Emotional Freedom in Action

Emotional Freedom author Judith Orloff MD discusses how to deal with the "poor me" type of emotional drainer who always says "yes but" when presented with solutions.

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Video > Order through Chaos in Ascension

Only in chaos is order to be found within the dualistic dimension that is Earth and sense is then made of intelligent light as the heart energy of love merges with that light - bringing an Ascension experience - that knows no boundaries.
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Video > Pretending to be a Human - The Ice Cream Channel

 The Beacons of Light for May 2009 is: "Pretending to be a Human ~ The Ice Cream Channel"

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Video > Global Love Day 2009

In this special Founders message for Global Love Day 2009, Harold W. Becker shares Our heart beats to a new universal rhythm today as countless people unite around the world to share a grand celebration of our collective humanity. We gather in groups large and small, in quiet meditation and in joyful festivities, to embrace ourselves and each other in the spirit of unconditional love. On this symbolic day, we come together as one universal family in recognition of our common adventure of life on this beautiful earth.
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Video > Love Heals I: Lunar Ecstasy

This video is freely adapted from the poetry of Manuel Bandeira. The poems in their entirety are below.

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Video > Embracing Change with Love

In this message, Harold W. Becker shares we are such amazing beings of infinite capacity and potential. Our boundless imagination, coupled with our wondrous will, allows us to bring our ideas into outer reality. Through our thoughts and feelings, we can literally create and experience that which we dream of in our heart of hearts.
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Video > The Dreamtime Twin- Flame merge

I think I met my Twin Flame in a dream. It was so real and now I don't want a relationship in my life with anyone other than my Twin Flame. I wish to experience what I felt in that dream. Was this really my Twin Flame or just an aspect of myself?
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Video > Pepper Lewis/Gaia Earth Day 2009 Message

Pepper and Gaia special message for everyone on Earth Day of 2009


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