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Video > Judith Orloff: How Intuition Can Help Us Understand Death

Author of Second Sight, Dr. Judith Orloff joins forces with Doors drummer, John Densmore, and Hani Naser for an extraordinary event at UCLA. Through Dr. Orloff's storytelling about intuition and death, and the musician's poetry, you'll let go of your fear of this passing.
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Video > Who are the Indigo children?

Pixie and the Nine Starseed Series for Crystals and Indigos - the system changers and implementers. A video about who the indigo children are. For Rosie, her Indigo friends & all the young ones now awakening to the new energies on Earth :)
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Video > Awakening The Human Angels: The Holy Grails

The various legends of the Holy Grail have common threads. The Holy Grail is the receptacle of Divine Grace. The Seeker must demonstrate spirituality, humility and a pure heart.
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Video > Abraham Hicks music CD - Law of Attraction Directly From Source

Music from the "Law of Attraction Directly From Source" album by Scott Raposa and NYTimes #1 Best Selling Authors Esther & Jerry Hicks. If you love Abraham Hicks or enjoyed watching The Secret, you're going to love the full CD. Get all the details at:
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Video > Aligning to the mission of the heart

I am a Lightworker/Wayshower and am working hard following my mission at this time. I am also studying hard at college for exams but am finding the exam study a distraction to my spiritual work. I would rather work solely as a Wayshower yet I do not like quitting on a commitment made. Can the Nine comment?

Music "Stardance" by Freeplay music LCC
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Video > Who Are The Crystal Children?

Who Are The Crystal Children? ~ Music: "Winding Dream" c/o ~ Edited by Catzmagick Productions
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Video > The Star Seeded Souls

Many are experiencing the awakening of their Soul and the reason for their existence.  Starseeds" are described as evolved beings from another planet, star system, galaxy, or plane of existence whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in the Golden Age, which is happening now and will be accelerating on an even greater scale in the near future.

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Video > The New Rainbow Children

The Ascension energies are now firmly anchored upon your planet existing within every fluidly vibrating being and structure that allows in more light as an anchored conduit.
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Video > Cosmic Particles of Truth ~ The Re-birth of Earth

The Beacons of Light for JAnuary 2009 is: "Cosmic Particles of Truth ~ The Re-birth of Eart"

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Video > Christmas Abundance

The Christmas energies on your planet open a portal that allows Christ Consciousness to be embraced at it's fullest.

Edited by Magenta Pixie
Music "Silent Night" by Freeplay Music LCC

Wishing all my subscribers a very merry christmas full of joy, love and abundance.
Love, love & more love
Magenta Pixie xxxx


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